2019 Summer August 9 Friday

74 degrees this morning, 100% humidity, thunder and lightning, no rain right now.  No walk.  

Major change yesterday, high of around 86 degrees!  It almost seemed cold out there!  Light sprinkles throughout the day, no real rain.  

Appears to have been relatively heavy rain last night.

Weekend is almost here again!  On the other hand it also means that August is already 1/3 over and it seems like it just began!  

Recently I read a story about technology in sports, in this case they were speaking of amateur sports, such as someone who runs marathons as an amateur. 

Among a variety of “muscle stimulators” and similar devices was one that increased oxygen capacity by 5%.  

In comparison, the methods Lance Armstrong used to “win” the Tour de France bicycle race increased his oxygen capacity by 2%.   

In this case, the person who used the device to increase oxygen was able to reduce her marathon “best’ by over 11 minutes, which is very significant.  

I don’t really have any problem with people using technology to improve their athletic performance, except I have to kind of wonder why they would bother, but that is another story.

Perhaps the same delimma arises as in professional sports, is it fair to use a device or means that isn’t available to everyone?  I guess it may be a matter of “who cares”.  

Imagine what we could  do if we had a device that could enlarge our brain capacity or our intellectual performance by 5%?  I think you get more criticism and concerns about increasing “brain performance” than you would would for “exercise performance”.  

If we could increase our memory by 5% etc. I expect it would be an amazing change in performance!  

I remember reading a story about “body building”. It was actually a fascinating book, and it mentioned even years ago, the tactics people use to “win” in spite of the damage to their bodies.  

I have to really wonder about the lying coward lunatic who spends another $3,000,000 in tax $ to play golf and uses tax $ to publicize and charge the government for excessively priced  rooms and food etc. at one of his “resorts”, while ignoring the murder of 32 people.  Then he comes out and stumbles over trying to express his concern while praising himself.  What a clown!  

Almost worst are his coward toadies who are obviously incompetent and bring a new meaning to the word “shameful greed”.   One Senator was brazen in his attempt to solicit business for the “border wall” for a business that had shoveled “donations” to him, the lying coward lunatic and other senators and representatives!   These people need to be charged as common criminals!  

Even worse if the fox/trump boot licking network that showed its cowardice and lack of ethics in their greed for $ and cow towing to the lying coward lunatic  but we already knew that.  

Anyway, I am looking forward to the weekend.  A lot of things I need to catch up on. 

That’s it for now, Friday, August 9, 2019.

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