2019 Summer August 10 Saturday

77 degrees this morning, 98% humidity.

Different day yesterday, unexpected heavy rains in the morning.  Of course, just as I was going to my first appointment, the heaviest rain started. Later the sun came out and it to around 90 degrees.

A somewhat week long birthday celebration continued today.  Perhaps a little exaggeration, but I actually had a great birthday Tuesday as I mentioned and had a small celebration today.  

Now I ill have to take several weeks of working off the weight I have gained!  Actually, I don’t think it is that bad.

My MacBook Air lasted about 40 minutes this morning (it varies) as I try to extend the battery past the announcement if there will be an upgrade to the MacBook Air.

Actually, I was using the iPad to read he daily newspaper this morning (the physical delivery has been useless), and I realized the iPads are almost six years old this year also. So far the battery has been fine.

I don’t know why I hold the devices so long.  If they’re working, why not?  Part of it is probably the “obsolescence” fear that I will miss out on the next major advancement.  

Part of it is probably just laziness.  I don’t want to have to try to find all my passwords etc.!

Anyway, after gettin got advice of an expert on this, I am going to try to stick it out to the announcement, unless the computer gets too bad.  I need to stop by the Apple Store and see what a “butterfly keyboard” is. I may well have one, I don’t want one that I have to hold my hands funny etc.

Recently I read about a trend of hotels for a “room with no view”.  The article was about a trend in hotels to have rooms without windows etc.  

Frankly just thinking about that makes ma a little tizzy.  One time we had a room without any windows and I asked for another room after one night, in fact I think we changed to another hotel completely.  

While I wouldn’t jump out of a 22 story window anyway (I hope), at least it gives you some illusion of an exit.  However, most of all is the feeling of claustrophobia I get from being in a windowless room.  The feeling is real, I can guarantee that.  

I also get the claustrophobic reaction when I sit in a restaurant with a group of people with no rapid access. 

One time I was on a plane with a very low ceiling.  I had to use breathing exercises to keep calm the entire trip.

Glad the weekend is here, looking forward to it.

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 10, 2019

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