2019 Summer August 11 Sunday

83 degrees this morning,  64% humidity.

Another good Summer Day yesterday, about 100 degrees high.  

Walk:  28:28 minutes, pace was 25 seconds slower than goal

Picked up new walking shoes today.  It was time, my old shoes have more than done their walking duty!  I keep track of the mileage for the shoes (when I use them for my walk.) .  While I don’t have any mileage at which I automatically get new shoes, it can be in a good indicator of  condition etc. 

Even then, I continue to use the walking shoes after awhile,  since they are normally good enough for causal wear.  

I recently read where the lying coward lunatic is now trying to intimidate and illegally use the federal government resources to try to force “social media” to carry more Republican and “conservative” lies and propaganda.  

Obviously this is an illegal cowardly attack on free speech.  (How does the lunatic know what is  “conservative” or “Republican”  speech until it is spoken?)  Of course the lying coward lunatic is no Republican, he is a cowardly bully who for some reason has a lot of people spooked and he nothing but a chronic liar, a common thief and a coward.  

It is time for people to start gathering in the millions like Puerto Rico and demand this coward criminal resign  

Started listening to “Deep Work” on my walk.  It is a very interesting book and I have to agree with his thesis that there is too much “shadow thinking” due to the many distractions and we need to do more “focused thinking”.  

Of course, back to using “Evernote”, it is nice to say “I need to do more focused thinking”, it is harder to do it, among the ceaseless e-mail, news etc.   

One thing I really like about swimming is that it does give me a chance for some “focused thinking”, although I can’t take any notes during my “focused thinking” time swimming! Of course that may be good!  Still it does settle my mind and allows me to think without a lot of distractions.  It is hard to check e-mail, Facebook or Twitter when I am swimming!

There is a PDF attached to the book which will be good and I’m also getting a copy of the book.  

While I thought at first I wish I had really thought about this years ago, I also think that this is a good time to start to concentrate on this.  

If I start now,  by the time I retire I can be effective and  productively “focus” on a concept, idea or whatever may be just what I am looking for.   

Even though I may “retire” from my present job, I certainly want to remain productive and involved in something.  

Weather is supposed to be around 102 degrees tomorrow, 

Dream:  8-10-19

Dream in a city somewhere, I don’t have any idea where   For some reason I took a “subway” or train to a different area, we went high up  over a very large river.  I could  only look out of a dirty window to see a great view.  No idea as to why I went there.  

I got off in an industrial area and walked around, I saw no one and there was no traffic  (I assume it was the weekend)  There a a Schwinn bicycle plant and a lot of abandoned, torn down buildings and huge stone formations.

Somehow I suddenly I was carrying a a baby with me.   She started getting hungry and needing her diaper changed.  

I thought about getting an Uber car back but worried about the expense  

Nor sure how I got back to the hotel, but went up to to some sort of event and suddenly realized I had forgotten the baby somplace.  

Obviously felt moment of panic, then woke up.

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 11, 2019.

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