2019 Summer August 12 Monday

82 degrees this morning, 63 % humidity

Good day yesterday, 103 degrees

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:59 minutes, pace 8 seconds slower than my goal 

Bicycle (indoor)  33:23, minutes 

Start of another work week.  The weekend goes fast and the weekend goes fast!  

Nearing the end of the AAA baseball season (it ends in early September).  It really seems like it just started!  It has been fun, the team is not having a good season, in fact they are having a horrible season, but they still have their moment of glory.  If nothing else, it is good to get out and do something relatively mindless that is outdoors!  

Recently I read about the ‘original Porsche”, which is now worth (supposedly) about 20 million dollars.  I have to wonder how, even if you have the money, you would pay 40 million dollars for a car or 150 million for a painting etc. 

I guess that falls under the concept that you can use your money for what you want, as long as it is legal etc.  I don’t really have any problem with it, just thought when I read it and no mater how much money I had, I wouldn’t pay 20 million dollars for a car.  

ON the other had, I like to watch “Formula One” racing and a Formula One car costs about 15 million dollars.  One accident and you just blew 15 million dollars!  Of course they use their cars to make money, not sit in a garage.  

There are a lot of things I can afford that I could afford to buy, I just refuse to buy one, since it is jus too much money for what it is.  Well, a few, maybe not “a lot”.  

How we “value” things, experiences or whatever, is an interesting thought to ponder on.  

My feeling is that I don’t want to save money just for saving money’s sake, but I don’t want to waste it either.   

Probably one area where I do not try to conserve money is the issue of “time”.  If I can save time by spending money (again within reason) , I will go aead and enjoy the time.          

I really think “time” is at the basis of everything.   You decide how to use your time, you exchange time for money etc.  Time is also one thing that money can’t really buy.

One of the things I used to love about cell phones is it really seemed like I was “buying time” since I could make phone calls during driving when I normally couldn’t do anything but drive.  I rarely talk on the cell phone and drive now because of the dangers of driving while talking on the phone.  I never talk on the phone while driving for work and rarely when I am just driving for personal reasons.  

I think a major reason “texting” is so popular is that it really is a time savings over call or e-mail , etc.  

That’s it for now, Monday, August 12, 2019.        

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