2019 Summer August 13 Tuesday

 78 degrees this morning, 73% humidity,

Yesterday, high of 104 degrees, actually a very nice day.  No clouds, no wind.

Walk yesterday:  27:40 minutes, pace one second faster than my goal.

Hesitated a little on the  walk this morning, a short visit from “my friend the skunk”, not to be confused at all with “my friend the opossum” from last Summer!  I am proceeding on the basis that it is “more scared” of me than I am of it.  In that case, it is very very scared!

Perhaps the quote about “living in glass houses” ought to apply to conspiracy theories.  Obviously the lying coward lunatic has a lot more reasons, plus a lot more resources to either make sure Epstein doesn’t talk or helped him get away someplace.  Talk about stupidity,  the lying coward lunatic bringing up “conspiracy” theories about Clinton, while with his history he has a lot more to cover up. 

Read that more and more Americans are thinking of, planning to, or actually are moving to other countries due to the lying coward lunatic and his amateur incompetent  toadies who are destroying the country and America’s role in  the rest of the world.  The United States is now considered no more than a banana republic due to this clown.

No matter what, the rest of the world will always assume now that, regardless of who is President, there is now a chance of some incompetent, lying coward lunatic being elected along with a coward Senate who will let the lunatic destroy the world by his illegal actions and obvious incompetence.   

I can’t blame people for wanting to move, certainly I have thought about it, especially if the election system allows this abusive, incompetent lying coward lunatic to be reelected or even some boot licker like #moscowmitch allowed by the system to obstruct the will of the people.

Anyway, it is fun to dream about moving until the lunatic gets defeated and jailed (probably next November), but just in case the Russians steal the election again, I’d like to be ready.  

Of course, I know I’m not going to move because of family matters, but it is fun to dream about not having to see the pig faced lunatic squealing out his lies and vicious and unwarranted personal attacks because he is too thin skinned to have anyone disagree with him.

I really don’t understand why the news media gives press to his obvious lies, vicious playground personal attacks, conspiracy theories, race and nationality baiting etc.  

Still working on pictures of my Hot Wheels (and related cars) collection.  Getting the lighting right is really difficult.  While I realize it doesn’t have to be “prefect”, it should be a good approximation!  

I didn’t realize until I starting looking how many of the Hot Wheels are still in the package.  I have no illusion that they will be ‘worth something”.  I got them to be used one way or another.  Right now, the unboxed ones have been well used!  I am trying to take pictures of them as I unbox them so I have accurate information on them.  

Looks like thunder storms coming in again this morning, at least on the weather radar.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

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