2019 Summer August 14 Wednesday

72 degrees this morning, 86% humidity 

Rain morning, early afternoon yesterday.  Much cooler day, high in low 80’s.  Rain wasn’t really forecast, started early morning.  

Walk 27:39 minutes 7  seconds slower than my goal.  

Forgot to plug in computer last night.  While 68% battery is normally great, now I will be lucky if I can finish this!  At least I hope it can last until this Fall when Apple either announces or doesn’t announce an upgrade to the MacBook Air. 

Still occasionally think about buying another brand of computer that has a touch screen, but I probably won’.  I do really resent Apple not having a touch screen.  

Listening to the book on “Deep Work” while I walk.  One thing I don’t like about listening to the book while I walk is I can’t take notes on important thoughts (well, I could, if I was disciplined enough to take notes when I got back, but I’m not.)

Also, I miss having the chance to stop and ponder important thoughts, which is one reason I am going to also read the book.  

On the other hand, if I didn’t listen while I walked, I don’t know if I would read the book either due to time limitations.   Also, I do pick up important points that I seem to keep in my mind for future reference.  

Probably the way I learn best is by listening/reading something and than summarizing (normally in writing) the key points and what I learned.  My granddaughter mentioned she also learns that way, I wonder if there is something in your DNA that determines how you learn.

I am trying to simply “enjoy” the Summer weather, after a soggy start, it has been an excellent Summer.  I dread the thought of Winter, but, as I heard someplace (I think it was “Deep Work”), I shouldn’t concentrate on the problems, I should concentrate on enjoyment of the experiences I enjoy  

I like that concept.  While the example he used was extreme (if you have cancer, don’t concentrate on the cancer, concentrate on how much you enjoy the other aspects of the day, including the taste of food, the enjoyment of talking with family and friends etc.

That is something I believe I have learned to do to get through Winter.  While I moan and groan about the cold of Winter, I usually also enjoy the experiences of Winter that are good, or at least the experiences I enjoy any time of year. 

One thing I really hate about Winter is having to “dress warm” for exercise.  It may sound strange, but time is important in the morning and I resent the time it takes to “dress warm” for my walk.  In the Summer, I throw on my shoes, my shorts and t-shirt and hit it, in Winter I have to put on all kinds of clothing which takes additional time etc.

On the other hand, I can still enjoy a cup of coffee, the newspaper, a good meal, the feel of warm air, and just experiencing life.  

Anyway, I think I have generally developed the ability to “enjoy the moment” and really enjoy that time on the patio during the Summer, the feeling of a warm day, the relief of a cooler day like yesterday etc. 

That’s It for now, Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

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