2019 Summer August 15 Thursday

74 degrees,  83% humidity

Cooler day yestereday, high of 91 degrees.

I think the skunk hanging around is making me a little hesitant to walk in the morning, since  it seems to like to hang out in our driveway.  I realize if it hears me it is going to run away, but I don’t want to find out the hard way!

Thinking some more today about “enjoying the small pleasures” of life so you don’t focus on the negative events and circumstances.  

At least up to a point, it is good, I think you also need to be cognizant of the negative aspects and what you need to do to resolve the problem long term if  possible. 

I think it is a matter if you focus on negative thoughts and events, you have a negative view of life.  If you are aware of the negative events and circumstances, but don’t dwell on them, that is a healthy way to live.

The important factor is to recognize the dangers of the negative, but also prepare to do what you can to resolve negative circumstances.  

Strange to hear the lying coward lunatic “tweet” a delusional statement about meeting  with the Chinese President on Hong Kong.  The lunatic hasn’t said a word on Hong Kong and then suddenly wants to grandstand about something he is too ignorant to even discuss.  He has no idea of the possible consequences of the Hong Kong situation and is too delusional to listen to anyone who does know.

Of course, by now, all is has is “yes sir” cowardly toadies who won’t even disagree with the most insane actions by the lying coward lunatic.  

As one article says, the lunatic is simply unfit to be President (or any public office) and should resign. He is destroying the economy with an ill-advised personal “trade war” that the coward congress won’t stop his illegal actions and his juvenile scummy antics are destroying the role of the United States in the world. 

The lunatic and the congress  “tax cuts for the rich” are coming to roost now since the “tax cuts for the rich” didn’t “pay for itself’ like the incompetent lunatic and the congressional cowards were bragging about.   

I thought one of my cellphones (one I had considered the “better one” had bought the farm today, but all it was is somehow the “cellular connection” had gotten turned off.  It is really strange how that happens.  

Since, of course,  that always happens when I really need it, in the middle of trying to keep notes on it!

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 15, 2019.

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