2019 Summer August 16 Friday

81 degrees this morning, 59% humidity

Good day yesterday, high of 95  degrees

Exercise yesterday:  Walk:  28.25 minutes, pace 25 seconds slower than my goal 

Haven’t done any swimming the past week due to the fitness center having a problem and only having one pool open.  Some kind of a part they need.

Fortunately the “lap pool” is the one pool open, but unfortunately it means people who usually swim in the “exercise pool” now use the lap pool and it is usually too crowed for me.  

Unfortunately,  they aren’t forecasting the new part to be in until September 13, almost a month away. I’ll just bear with it, and try to get there when no one else is there, or at least fewer.

I already miss my (almost) daily swim, but I may find a time I can get it in.  

Listening to the book  “Deep Work” during my walk.  Since , for example, all of my jobs have been where you have to be responsive to your “customers”,  full-time “Deep Work” won’t work.  There are many jobs (especially now) where responsiveness is important.  

He basically says it may be that some jobs are suited for continuous “Deep Work”, but you can still set up a “set” time when you immerse yourself in your work.  He emphasized it had to be “set”, not something that you could fudge on.

He mentioned some well-known authors, etc. who didn’t release e-mail addresses etc and simply didn’t respond to the public.  That kind of makes sense, since there success is based on selling books etc. not direct communication with the public or their “customers”.  

I think that is one reason I developed the early morning as “my time” no matter how I used it.  It still gave me time to think etc., while   walking bicycling and swimming is my best “thinking time”.       

The library has a copy of Deep Work so I’ll look at the book and some of the areas I need review or more information on.  I also need to look at the pdf that came with the audiobook, just a matter of not enough  time this past week to look at it.

I have to admit, I was especially disappointed  when I heard the lying coward lunatic was involved in trying to intimidate a country into refusing to admit four members of the U.S. Congress.  More shameful was the country kowtowing to such childish antics and agreeing to the pitiful spectacle.  The lying coward lunatic is an embarrassing clown and is getting more childish and vicious every day as his coward toadies shake and rattle every time he picks up his twitter account, misspellings, cowardly lies and bad grammar and all.

A really bad joke, now he is using the government and tax $ to campaign for “reelection”.  He doesn’t want to really be president, he just wants to be elected president so he can continue his clownish childish games and continue ripping off tax $ for his golf games and personal businesses that otherwise would fail due to his incompetence and shoveling tax $ to his donors and lobbyists while playing out his racism, sexism and contempt for “ordinary” citizens.  

That’s it for now, Friday, August 16, 2019.

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