2019 Summer August 18 Sunday

80 degrees this morning, 58% humidity 

Good day yesterday, high of about 99 degrees.  A high or 102 degrees was forecast, 101 degree high is forecast today.  

Already noticing how “short” the days are becoming, compared to the daylight just several months ago. 

Even though I know it is coming, the realization is still a shock, just like winter.  

I have learned I really don’t like to walk inside on an indoor track.  If I can’t walk outside, I think I will use an indoor treadmill rather than walk on an indoor track.  Hard to explain, but that was my experience!.  I may change my mind when cold weather hits again!

Until then, I’ll enjoy my outside walk and try to adjust to the cold weather. The fact that cold wether is certain doesn’t make I any better!  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 27:51 minutes, pace was 7 seconds slower than my goal.

Swim for 24:44 minutes

School starting again, as the cycle of life continues.  From our perspective, starting kindergarten or first grade etc. is simple, but from the perspective of the child I expect it can be very challenging.  

Probably fortunately I don’t remember much about my first grade experience, just some snips that may or may not be actual memories.  I remember the picture of George Washington (I’m sure that is correctI), saying the pledge etc. and looking out the windows to a beautiful view.  

The bathrooms were actually still outside bathrooms and the boys restroom  was down a hill where in the winter it was easy to slip and fall as you went to the bathroom.  

Probably a true memory, I would eat my lunch at recess and then be hungry late in the day!  

I also remember playing “workup” baseball, where all students of all ages participated! 

Tried to get the bicycle racks on the car so we could take my bicycle in for repair.  We actually was relatively successful, but unfortunately “relative” does not mean it was successful!  

Probably will end up just renting a pickup and taking it in.  Strange that in a state full of pickups, no one in our family has a pickup! 

That’s it for today, Sunday, August 18, 2019.

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