2019 Summer August 19 Monday

83 degrees this morning, 87% humidity

Surprising day yesterday, no forecast for any rain, started raining about 5:00 a.m and rained during the morning.  Some thunder and lighting.  I was surprised to say the least!

When this happens (completing missing the weather forecast), in a way it makes you feel good that everything is predictable, as well as a little worried that everything ca’t be predicted!  

Originally the high was forecast for 102 degrees, actual high was 96 degrees. 

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk 27i:53 minutes, pace was 6 seconds slower than goal

-Swim:  21:57 minutes 

Decided to proceed with somewhat of a “war on the skunk”, although I don’t want to really do it any harm, I just want it to stay  far away! I got some “skunk repellent’ and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try ammonia and moth balls or whatever .  

I mainly want to change it’s behavior so we aren’t on it’s regular route!

Start of another “work week”, always somewhat of an adjustment and then quickly get into the routine again, although my routine normally isn’t that routine.  

I am surprised at how many retail stores have seemed to give up to on-line shopping (at least the stores that also offer on-line shopping).  It seems they have very little selection in stock. It may well be the strategy they have found works for them, but it is frustrating when I am looking for something that I need to see before I buy it. 

Another “strategy” I have noticed is that some of the big stores (an example,  Sams and Costco) are starting to offer only  their “house brand” names and quit carrying the national brands.  Not bad when they have good quality, but many of their house brands aren’t the same quality as the national brands they replace.  At least that is our perception and perception is reality.  

As a coffee hound, I have found that the “house brand” dark roast is excellent, in fact I like it better than the McDonalds coffee.  

I used to drink Starbucks coffee before I went to the dark side and started using a Keurig , but the Starbucks pods (or whatever they call the individual packages) are just too darn expensive and not that good in the first place.  

If I go back to the old “grind and brew” system, I’ll probably return to Starbucks coffee since I like the taste of it better  

I actually don’t care for Keurig coffee, it isn’t hot enough and really doesn’t have a taste equal to brewed coffee.  It is a matter of convenience and being “good enough” at least for right now.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 19, 2019. 

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