2019 Summer August 20 Tuesday

83 degrees this morning, 63% humidity 

Temperature up to 101 degrees yesterday, but didn’t really fell that hot, overall a nice day.

Exercise yesterday, Walk 28:30 minutes, 33 seconds slower than my goal.

Haven’t seen any sign of the skunk since I put out the skunk repellent, although it is too soon to tell about that.  

Air conditioning quit working last night.  While it is always in the back of our mind that it could happen, we are always hoping it doesn’t!  

We do have a separate air conditioner for the upstairs, which really doesn’t mean a lot, except I have a cool place I can work during the day.  It has shown it can somewhat heat the entire house, hopefully it can somewhat cool it. 

Fortunately we have discovered a very good and reliable HVAC person, now if we can get on his schedule.  Hopefully it is something minor.  

We have a “Home Warranty” that we could call about it, but they would  probably say it is “lack of maintenance” or have an incompetent person perform the work.  

We have see a wide variety of persons in the air conditioning field.  The first one was supposed to be one of the best in the area, but all they did was run some incomprehensible computer program that they charged $350 for and I think was supposed to indicate that we “had” to immediately buy a new air conditioner system.  

We had a variety of Air Conditioning persons who may have meant well, but they just lacked the knowledge and skill.  

Several years ago we found someone we trust and we aren’t even going to call the Home Warranty people group.  

I am amazed at the lying coward lunatic trying to cast blame on everyone else for the results of his incompetent actions that are destroying the United States and World.  He has a severe mental illness and is should be removed by the 25th Amendment.   

The only ones to blame are the lying coward lunatic and his band of cowardly sycophants and incompetent liars who started the mess by shoveling tax $ to the wealthy, their donors and lobbyists at a huge cost to the rest of us  and then the lying coward lunatic and his insane “trade war” and foreign policy failures  that the congressional cowards won’t stop.  

Going into the last two weeks of the AAA baseball season.  For some reason, the schedule includes a game every day for the next two weeks from yesterday until Labor Day (actually it does except for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 

Anyway who ever scheduled our “part season” season tickets scheduled many of our games over the next two weeks and then we (like everyone else) are trying to use the tickets for the games we missed.  

Hopefully we can stay cool today and the air conditioning person can find a place for us in his schedule.  Moreover hopefully the repairs will be cheap and not include having to install a new air conditioner!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, August 20, 2019.   

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