2019 Summer August 21 Wednesday

81 Degrees this morning, 64%humidity 

Excellent day yesterday, temperature reached about 101 degrees.

Started off the morning without any air conditioning, fortunately our HVAC person called first thing in the morning and came out and fixed it.  It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t expensive either, a condenser motor or something like that.  

A strange kind of calm descends over me when such an event happens.  Being without air conditioner  or heat etc. is kind of like being with electricity, it affects your entire life!  

I was really thinking it would be several days without air conditioning, so we kind of hunkered down just in case.  

Went to a baseball game last night, while we rarely feel that it is literally “too hot”, it was close last night!  

Listening to “Deep Work” (the book), I learned that a walk out in nature can improve your concentration, at least experiments have shown that after a walk in nature, people score higher than the people who walk in a city environment.  

It isn’t just the walk through an idyllic forest etc. , but this is also true for an uncomfortable walk though a blizzard, studies show!  

This makes sense to me, if your mind is able to escape having to make even a lot of small decisions, your mind will be refreshed.  

I like the overall concept of “deep work”, it makes sense.  However, like last night, when I am in a customer  responsive business it is hard not to respond to someone who is frustrated and needs help, even when it is beyond your regular work hours.  Especially when from the phone message you know exactly how to fix it!

I read some time ago where every e-mail or phone call takes at least 5 minutes to respond to, by the time your concentration is disrupted and you get back to work and actually concentrate on the work you are performing.   

That is the minimum of just the disruption, not including the time it takes to research a problem and prepare an answer.  

I know in my current job I have very limited “office” time and I really notice the time it takes to research the most simple question, prepare a response, and then in my case, note the response on the actual amount and then updating the activity sheet where I log all of my activities. 

I figure at least 20 minutes minimum for each phone call or e-mail that requires a response!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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