2019 Summer August 22 Thursday

84 degrees this morning, 60% humidity 

Good day yesterday, some clouds, but basically clear at a high of about 100 degrees.  

Exercise yesterday, walk 28:17 minutes, pace was 24 seconds slower than my goal.  

The new walking shoes feel good, my previous shoes were definitely worn out for walking.  Considering the length of time I wear the shoes, it makes relatively little difference what the cost is when compared to the possible damage to your feet of a set of worn out shoes.  

One of my comparisons of cost is the “cost of eating out” because that is something that is a fleeting benefit (although a vital benefit in he long run!).  While a new pair of walking shoes costs more that a meal out, it still is a relatively minor expense.  

It is difficult to really compare the cost of a major expense.  For example, the cost of repairing the air conditioner was not even really a matter of debate, probably no matter what it may have cost! 

I am certainly much more reluctant to buy anything anymore that has a “cost” of taking care of it.  I think that is one reason for the increase in rentals, leasing or “borrowing”, there is a cost of ownership that may exceed the value of owning something.  

One “cost” is that it is very hard to dispose of something once you own it.  I am even still carrying around pens I picked up (probably free) years ago while obviously it would be much better to simply give or throw them away and buy a new pen if I ever needed one.    

We are certainly debating the cost of owning a house, especially since I am not a good “maintenance” person.  Good or bad, that is simply the truth, and it really is hard to find someone who will do decent quality repairs, regardless of the cost.  

A primary example was some work we recently completed on our fence and retaining wall.  Fortunately we went through a “Handyman” service that stood behind the work of it’s contractors    The first person who did the work would make appointments and not show up, which is rather typical.  Finally, he simply disappeared after probably ripping off the Handyman company.  

Fortunately the company stood behind it’s work, especially on a retaining wall, and the work was completed satisfactorily.  Of course that points out that they also had a probably finding quality workers.  

The Governor or our state appears to be acting more and more like the lying coward lunatic, recently displaying extreme “Age Discrimination” in apparently trying to bludgeon someone into resigning because they have “been around too long”, which is the classic illustration of age discrimination.  He can’t even mention where he wants improvement, just that he wants one of his business buddies to get a job. 

He regularly uses the tactics of the lying coward lunatic in attacking people in bullying playground taunts etc.

It is sad that a lying coward lunatic who is an incompetent  criminal clown is apparently setting the standards for other politicians, especially those who cater to business, donors and lobbyists on the back of the rest of the citizens.  

Thats it for now, Thursday, August 22, 2019.

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