2019 Summer August 23 Friday

71 Degrees this morning, 97% humidity 

Yesterday, light ran morning, cloudy all day, high of around 85 degrees.  Heavy thunderstorms Thursday evening and this morning.  

Exercise yesterday Walk 27:37 minutes, pace was 1 second slower than my goal.  

Listening to “Deep Work” on my walk.  I thought it was rather interesting for the author to say he  wasn’t on “Facebook’, but somehow he had a response for all the people who used Facebook and (in his opinion) tried to justify it.  

I have to wonder, if he never used Facebook, how did he know so much about it? If he didn’t experience it, how can he say so much about it?    It is one of those things I think he would have been better off saying he didn’t use Facebook and maybe state the reasons people might avoid it based on his perceptions.  

Actually I use Facebook and I don’t see any reason to justify my use of it.  I certainly have no plans of quitting using it, although I do try to  avoid simply wasting time on it. 

Kind of like people (like me) who say they don’t watch tv sitcoms, but know all the plots!  On the other hand, I don’t watch a lot of shows on tv, but I still generally know some of the plots , etc., just from the mountain of news stories on such shows.  Somehow you just pick up some of it even if you aren’t interested. 

I was able to get a copy of Deep Work, which I will enjoy looking up items I either missed in the narrative or wanted to review.  

AAA ball game was “rained out”, which means we get kind a “double play” a free meal and a future game and another free meal!  That is, since there only a few games left, if we  can still exchange our ticket.  Actually exchanging your ticket isn’t hard, finding a good seat when you exchange a ticket is hard.  

While they said “sit where you like”, it is still embarrassing if you are sitting in a seat and someone has tickets for that seat!  

The game never got started, the rain was coming so they covered the field and then I assumed it rained more than then expected.  

We are looking at having a game almost every night for a week and then going cold turkey after Labor Day (the last game).  We’ll probably feel relieved for several days before we start to miss it!

Unfortunately it does mean the end of Summer as such is coming and the long phase of Winter is coming.  Of course, Fall is usually nice, but the days that I consider the real Winter, from around Christmas to mid-May is what seems to drag.   As they say, I just do one day at a time!

Our schedule of events is changing, as I decided not to go to a conference I have attended for over 40 years and we probably aren’t going to the CMA Fest next year.  Missing the Conference doesn’t bother me, I am in a different place.  Missing the CMA Fest doesn’t bother me, it is in a different place, targeting only younger people and people who spend a lot of money on partying.  

Time passes, but we do have some trips planned that promise to be interesting and a little different. 

That’s it for now, Friday, August 23, 2019.



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