2019 Summer August 24 Saturday

73 degrees this morning, 92% humidity. 

Strange day yesterday, started off with heavy rain in the morning, then cleared up and high temperature around 81 or so.  

A rather strange experience right now, staying at a hotel without wifi or internet In the rooms!  The cell signal is good for some things, but not strong enough for my phones or iPad to act as wifi for my computer.  

I really don’t remember when I last said in a hotel without wifi in the rooms.  (They said they have it in the lobby, but it is an “unsecure” network, that Apple, in all of the ignorance, won’t let me access even though I am using VPN!).  

The lobby wifi is also so weak it is useless.  

It flat isn’t available in the rooms.  I don’t remember the last time I paid for wifi in a motel, much less didn’t have wifi!  I think I had to pay for wifi once in 2010, (when St. Louis won the World Series).  

Actually, when I think of it, we had a family reunion several years ago where I had absolutely no access on my iPhone and ATT refused to even admit they didn’t have any access in that town!  I started feeling a little wonky there also, but I believe we did have wifi in the hotel.  

Anyway, I do have a signal strong enough for the cell phones and my iPad, at least to pick up Netflix and watch “Blacklist”.   Of course “Blacklist” has absolutely no educational value, pure entertainment and unrealistic entertainment at that.  That may be why I like it so much for short periods!

I decided I’d write this in Pages, and then try to post it in my normal places.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably just post it tonight.  

Wifi is important, not as important as electricity, but it is up there.  Being without wifi, I think of all the things I do with it and can’t do without it

I am attending a conference and really didn’t realize there were still hotels as backward as this one.  I will certainly never stay here again.  

I have a strange trapped feeling, like I am caught someplace where I am in some weird world where I am closed in a box. Maybe I am.

At least I have some access on my iPhones and iPad, but just not enough to really have access, other than I can check the weather and news.  

Anyone who says we need to go to the “good old days” without internet needs to stay here for at least one day!

The lying coward lunatic has gone cold wacko, and hopefully congress will develop some courage and stop him from his insane rampages.  

There is plenty to use the 25th amendment and remove him from office for insanity  

It has been interesting to read about Kings, etc. who went insane and how the population dealt with it.  

The lying coward lunatic has sold out to so many donors, lobbyists and businesses, he actually can’t remember anything and is blindly striking out as he realizes his gross incompetence has destroyed so much, someone will have to stop in.

Waiting to get back to civilization with Internet and wifi! 

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 24, 2019.





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