2019 Summer August 25 Sunday

73 degrees this morning, 92% humidity.  Lightning and thunder storms coming in.  

Temperature high of 86 degrees yesterday.  The conference on a huge lake, was very sultry in the afternoon when we started back!

Fight with the skunk is resuming.  I put some “skunk repellant” out again, hoping to disrupt the skunks routine, so it goes somewhere else.  (As long as it isn’t part of my walk also.)

As anyone who reads it knows, in spite of no wifi in our hotel,  I got my journal posted yesterday, via my iPhone, which I used as wifi for my laptop.  However it was extremely frustrating to have such weak internet connections.  Anymore, almost anything depends on a good internet connection.

Reading with interest about the new iPhone since I am going to be ordering one shorty after they are announced.  I usually wait until November, but I plan on ordering one as soon as possible this year. 

I especially like the possibility of the “pencil” that will work on the iPhone.  I’m not really sure how much I would use it, but I like the concept and the idea of having it.

Of course, I have dithered about buying a new iPad for at least two years now, one with a pencil etc, but I really haven’t seen any real reason to by one, as my almost six year old iPads are working fine for what I am using them for. 

Of course, my now 9 year old “original iPad” is also working fine although I can’t use it for much anymore, since it is basically obsolete.  

It may be I don’t realize how much I would use a new one with more features, kind of like the first iPhone.

Actually, my first iPhone, I originally was going buy an iPod Touch and when I saw the iPhone I saw it was so intuitive I didn’t even consider anything else for a phone,  nor have I since.  The only decision  is when to upgrade. 

Waiting for the announcement on the MacBook Air.  I don’t think there will be any announcement on that before October, so I will see.  Currently I have started just plugging it I all the time (except when I am using it) and that has worked fine.  I figure I”m not going to hurt the battery any more.  I am amazed it has lasted so long after the “replace battery” signal came up.  

Read an article about the “benefit of clutter”.  The article mentioned it can be creative to have “clutter” and it could even be considered artistic and lend some personality to your office.

My office and desk have lots of “personality” if clutter provides personality and I should be very creative!

I think it really is a matter of a little clutter isn’t that bad, but too much is too much!

I am always willing (and do) find new ways of organization, some work, some don’t.

Still working on Evernote, also happened to find my  (free) “Shoeboxed” app, which works very well for eliminating paper, since it is stored electronically. I was surprised to find many files from years ago sitting there waiting for me!  

It used to be, even as a “free” app, I could send it items to be scanned, and I did so liberally.  That option is no longer available, but it is so easy to scan items now it really doesn’t matter.  

Another thunderstorm coming in. It was not forecast, although that isn’t unusual this time of year.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 25, 2019.



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