2019 Summer August

74 Degrees this morning, 87%humidity j

Rain yesterday morning, in spite of forecast it wasn’t going to rain.  Actually rained most of the morning.  

Exercise included 30 minutes on stationary bicycle 

Start of another “work week”.  Actually with my job, while it differs all the time, there are similar tasks depending on the time of the month.  

Reading in this state about the extreme fraud of a “for profit” Charter School, probably just the tip of the ice-berg.  

I just don’t think “for profit” schools make any more sense that “for profit” prisons, which basically includes a business that doesn’t provide the service they are being overpaid to do since they are too busy concentrating on the profit and trying to show where they can ‘cut costs”, most of which are actually service cuts.  

In the end, the children are the real victims.  

The lying coward lunatic’s lies and incompetent actions are finally coming to roost on him and of course he is trying to bluster and lie and blame his way out of it. I don’t think it is going to work this time.  

The lying coward lunatic and his coward toadies are becoming completely irrational as everything crumbles around them.

What is really criminal is the way the “1%” have ripped off the tax payer and tax $ after the lying coward lunatic and the coward congress was elected (or stole or s purchased the election they quickly paid off their donors with tax $) 

Labor Day weekend is this weekend, meaning the end of the ‘traditional” summer time.  Also the last holiday until Veterans Day in November. 

Another dream  I have not been remembering my dreams, but remember  this one.  

Dream 8-23-19

Dreamed Alene came in and for some  reason I stayed in after work.  That would be hard since my office is in my house.

Anyway, Aliene must have been working on a project.  I had apparently exercised and was just wearing a wrap and a shirt I wear after a shower.  

Of course this was in a public place, not my home, so it was unusual, but, of course this was a dream.  

I was sitting at a table with a bunch of paper bags, and some decorative bags, I believe with cartoon characters and pumpkins.  

There were several other people in the room but I only recognized Aliene who was a working  hard on on something.

Anyway, my supervisor came in and whispered something to me, I’m not sure if I was dressed inappropriately (I was) or I was being too loud, which i wasn’t.  

Then he set down and watched Aliene and the other people working while I set there.

I woke up.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 26, 2019

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