2019 Summer August 27 Tuesday

73  degrees this morning, 88% humidity 

Spent last night in the basement of a ballpark as winds up to 100 mph and heavy rains poured outside!  Originally the ballpark had concerns about a tornado, but that dispersed.  Fortunately we didn’t have any damage etc.  

As before, there was a wide variety of forecasts bout when and what the storm would entail.  

Currently, more storms are coming in this morning with lightning and thunder in the area.

Walk yesterday was 27:32 minutes, pace was 3 seconds faster than my goal.  While I generally don’t keep track of my “steps”, my total steps were13,024 for a distance of 5.84 miles.  That includes my walk, walking for work (it was a field day) and walking at the ball park.

The newspaper delivery has gotten extremely bad again.  I really am starting to believe that they really are trying to get customers to stop the physical delivery so they can make more money by going to only “on-line” delivery.  

That may well be the future of newspapers, in fact it is probably the future of newspapers, but they will need t develop a better system than they have now.  

One problem is I really don’t read the “online only” delivery that much, I tend to forget about them.  Also, I really don’t read any of the ads, which is one of the primary  profit centers of newspapers and I tend to read only the headlines and miss many stories I read in a physical newspaper.  

Reading a book about the early part of WW II, the early war with Japan and China.  I  really have a hard time believing people could commit such atrocities, even in wartime. 

I think that is one of the problems with attempting to stereotype people and “dehumanize” people (including immigrants, etc.) so that atrocities, brutality and oppression can be justified by the physiological mind framework that “they really aren’t people” etc.  

Another dream that was very strong:

Dream 8-25-19

Dream was based in a city where I used to live.

The dream involved repairs to a furnace in our house, which, in the dream, was a City Hall building where I used to work.

The furnace went out and we called and had it repaired by a local Plumber. 

Then it went out a second time and the plumber (in this case it was a plumber rather than a  HVAC person, but the person (in real life) who also worked on furnaces) came out.

He gave us a bill that seemed large and wasn’t itemized at all.  I looked at it and told my wife, “maybe we should try to get someone else next time”.

I’m sure the dream relates to our recent Air conditioning problems and also I read about the death of the plumber we used in the town in the dream.   

By the way, he would never have done that, but as I say it was a dream.  I think somehow it related to the difficulty of fixing a good person for work on the house, since you could always call him and he would be out to fix things, one way or another!  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, August 27, 2019.  

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