2019 Summer August 28 Wednesday

68 Degrees this morning, 72% humidity 

Clouds all day yesterday, thought it was going to rain some more, but it never did.  Probably good, we have had enough rain for a while.  As usual we either have too much or too little.  

A good night at the ballgame last night, weather was comfortable and the game was good! 

All runs were scored off of home runs, which seemed to be the trend.  That is fun, but I also miss the strategy of the succession of hits etc. that score runs.   

68 degrees this morning.  I may feel cold during my walk!  While  there are some storms around they appear to be going away from me rather than towards me! 

While I don’t mean to dwell on it, the lying coward lunatic and his band of clowns have gotten so bad, it seems even the congressional cowards will need to do something!  Pure theft for the benefit of the lying coward lunatics business must be stopped! 

Just the thought that the lunatic will attempt to have an International conference at his bedbug and cockroach infested slum “resort” is sickening and is a criminal attempt to steal millions for his personal use.  

They criminal lying coward lunatic has already stolen millions by his numerous “golf’ vacations at this crap “resorts” in a desperate attempt to stay out of bankruptcy.  

The “governor” of this State recently stated that the people of this state shouldn’t vote on “criminal carry” because “people knew he was for it when they voted for him”. That is about the stupidest thing I have every heard anyone say.  Another attempt to stop a vote of the people! 

The governor ran on the platform he didn’t know anything about government and he is rapidly  proving it by his incompetent actions.  

I think that is the problem with having a potty mouth chronic liar criminal clown as president.  When he lies, and using lying personal attacks on his “enemies” in and steals millions for his “golf resorts” and takes illegal actions, it seems to enable others to take similar actions they normally wouldn’t take. 

The early morning is a time when I notice the time consumed by “piddling”, such as looking at the news, facebook, e-mail etc.  This morning I literally spent 15 minutes “piddling” before I got my day started.  

I think awareness of a problem is good, because then I can start to do something about it1  

There is nothing wrong with “piddling” if that is what you want to do, but I really prefer to get my journal done, my walk and exercise done etc. before I “piddle”.  

I am beginning to realize there is no such thing as “multitasking”, more on that in the future!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

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