2019 Summer August 29 Thursday

75 degrees this morning, 86 % humidity. 

Another day yesterday of cloudiness, possible rain threatening all day, but it never rained.  Chance of rain again today.

Exercise yesterday, Walk 27:36 pace of 1 second faster than my goal.   

AAA game last night was opposite of the they night before, the team played horrible.   Of course, the pitcher is such a key part and he just didn’t have it last night and they allowed him to stay way too long when it was obvious it was not his night.  

I expect it is hard to continue when you really don’t have a goal.  There only goal now is to finish the season, since there is no way our team is going to make the play-off’s.  

I had assumed, especially at the AAA level, that the individual players would continue to be motivated by the opportunity to go to the Major Leagues but it is also a team sport.

Listening to the “Deep Work” book.  He mentions how distractions can take so much time, much as I was mentioning how easy it is to waste time.

I think the concept of “multitasking” is actually a term for many short-term, short focused tasks.  While I don’t doubt you can watch tv and read etc. it still is difficult to actually do both.  

My laptop is rapidly losing the battery, it will operate fine and then suddenly cut off, so I have to be careful.  I am keeping it charged all of the time now.  I really don’t think there is much of a chance for an upgrade this Fall,  but the small chance that there may be an upgrade  is keeping me from buying a replacement right now.

Actually, I can see how  the iPad may be a replacement for the MacBook Air, or perhaps even better in a way, since it has touchscreen and can use apps.  However, I just don’t think I”m quite there yet, maybe when it comes time to replace the new one! 

I see a lot people with only smart phones who use the smart phone fro everything including paying bills, filing reports etc. and the smart phone is the only access  to the internet.  

I am always surprised at how fast time passes and it seems like we just purchased an iPhone etc. and it is suddenly obsolete and needs replacement.  

My work phone and my personal cell phone but definitely need replacement this year, but they will also be five years old, which is about 100 years old in people terms, assuming each year of an iPhone is one generation.  It may even be worse since the “operating system” keeps getting upgraded also!

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 29, 2019.

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