2019 Summer August 30 Friday

80 degrees this morning, 74% humidity.  Lightning and thunder storm close, not sure if coming in, but didn’t walk. 

Temperature high of low 90’s degrees yesterday, but generally there was a cooling breeze that made it seem cooler.

August 2019 is almost, today the last workday of August.  The start of 2019 seems like a mere memory now, just as August of 2019 seemed so far away back in December of 2018. 

The Camry seems to have an attraction to high concrete curves, why the city and businesses build them so high is beyond me, other than it increases the engineers fee and the contractors profit.  Anyway, it is going to cost us some money to get it fixed replace the entire what used to be called a bumper, not sure what it is called now, probably a good money maker for Toyota due the too low design.  

It seems strange that Toyota should profit from a design flaw in the car. 

At the same time, decided to go ahead and fix the hit and run damage I had several months ago.  Mechanically the car is perfect and I don’t see any reason we’d be replacing it soon.  My deductible will be more than the insurance will pay, but at least it won’t count against me and they may pay for the rental car while it is being fixed. 

The insurance industry and the collision centers have the dance all worked out, which makes it easy and very expensive.  

I am always surprised at how much time it takes to repair a car.  On the other hand, today’s  cars are so complex, maybe it is very fast!  

I think the problem with the front bumper (it isn’t really a bumper anymore) is that it is  designed to crumple to absorb accidents, so it breaks away at even the smallest bumps or scrapes.  

I am going to start asking why they build such high curbs, other than a plan to make more money by the engineers, contractors and concrete companies!  I’m not sure if I’m serious about that or not, but the amount of concrete wasted on streets where simple paint would work in this city is amazing. 

My experience has been the paint is just as effective and much safer.  It is true in some cases the concrete barriers may be drainage facilities but not all of them. 

The Camry seems to be popular with used car dealers, we get all kinds of offers to buy a new one at the same monthly payment we are paying now.  We just say no  thanks, it is almost paid off and we like it that way!  

After the newspaper was delivered after 8:30 am literally every day this week, I almost canceled, but couldn’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger.  I almost did it but decided to cool off first!

Three Day weekend this weekend, which will be nice!

That’s it for now, Friday, August 30, 2019.

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