2019 Summer August 31 Saturday

68 degrees this morning, 96 % humidity 

Yesterday morning there was a surprise very heavy rain storm that last about two hours.

I had just started off on my field day when the rain started and it quickly got so bad that I had to pull over on some high ground!  Even after it stopped really heavy rain it continued raining for about another hour.  A field day is never any fun when it is raining.  

By coincidence, I had scheduled more appointments than I normally do and had to rescheduled several of them when I couldn’t get to the appointment in time due to stopped traffic etc.  

Hopefully there won’t be many more days like this!  Actually the day itself was relatively nice except for the rain.  

The earlier storms this week were still creating problems, electricity out etc.  

I guess you could say “I fought the high concrete curbs and the curbs won” or words to that effect.  I decided to get the front bumper replaced and, at the same time, get the high and run damage to the rear fixed.  

The front bumper damage was caused by the extremely high curbs in this city for the car bumper.  I wonder how much damage is created by whoever designs the too high curbs.

While I love the car, I think the front part is a design defect, it is just too low and is not sturdy enough.  I can understand “crumple parts” which absorb energy in an accident, but not a bumper that is too low and crumples at the slightest scratch with concrete.  

Last day of August.  While the Summer still has several months, or maybe 45 days of “real summer” left, I am not looking forward to Winter.  Fall is fine, but I can already feel the cold in my bones.  

AAA baseball season (at least for our team) is over Monday.  We are actually going to 3 live baseball gams in about 36 hours, although  weather could change that.  When you go on a regular basis it becomes it’s own little community as we get to recognize people etc.  

For my speech exercises, I am reading a (summary) of a book by China Achebe “Things Fall Apart” .  I had never heard of it before, so it has been an interesting read.

It is written by a Nigerian writer, based in Nigeria.  It is interesting to read about the customs of the villages in Nigeria etc.  and I have become more interested as the story unfolds.  

For some reason, one aspect stood out.  The culture (as described in the bookI)  strictly delineates “male tasks and behavior” and “female tasks and behavior”.  The “hero” is  engrossed with making sure he does only “manly tasks and behavor” and “Manly emotions” (I.e. no emotions).   One reason is he thought of his father as a failure, so he feels it is important for him to only show “manly” actions, thoughts and emotions.

Of course, in so doing he limits himself because he is so scared of showing “female” traits that he can’t live a full life and also spreads miserly in his family.  

Strange that I never realty consciously thought of it that way  until I read this summary.

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 31, 2019.

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