2019 Summer September 1 Sunday

70 Degrees this morning, 88% humidity 

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk 27:27 minutes, pace was 6 seconds faster than my goal

-Swim:  20:19 minutes 

-Situps and weights 

Pleasantly surprised yesterday to find the pools had re-opened at the Fittness center, so I was able to swim.  

Yesterday was cloudy most of the day, but didn’t rain.  

September is here, as we continue on to 2020!  

Finished listening to the book “Deep Work” while walking.  Trying to decide if I am going to listen to it again.  Probably I will read the book and PDF notes and then listen to it again to pick up on more of the ideas.  

Listening to a book while I walk has been an interesting experience, especially listening to non-fiction.  I am sure I miss a lot of material, but also I do learn something from each walk.  I know reading the PDF (if it has one, which is normally a summary, or review of important points) can really help me retain what I hear.

When I read something afterwards pertaining to what I listened too, sometimes I am surprised at how quick I can remember listening about it.  

The computer died when I was writing the paragraph on Deep Work, so I took my walk. 

I am now listening to a “Great Course” on biology.  While it is informative, this subject is certainly not one of strong points, which is why I selected the book in the first place, to improve my knowledge of biology, even just on a surface basis.  

One of the weaknesses of listening to a book is my attending wandering while listening, even to the most interesting book.  A book on biology ….

I think my attention wandering is a good reason to read the PDF (or even search the internet for related articles) so I can reinforce what I heard.  

My MacBook Air is now staying up (on battery) less than an hour.  I expect it is time to hope the “refresh” was the last major upgrade for a while, or at least not worry about missing an upgrade and order a new one.

The currency MacBook Air is more than enough for me right now, so I won’t lose much if I purchase it now, even if they do have an upgrade.  As I have mentioned before, considering I can get about $225 on a trade in, and avoid paying about $200 for a battery and get a 10% veterans discount, it’s not a bad deal. 

I have been looking at the entry level MacBook rather than the MacBook Air, but I expect I will stick with the MacBook Air.  

I even thought about buying an iPad as a possible laptop replacement, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that.

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 1, 2019.

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