2i019 Summer September 2 Monday

 73 degrees this morning, 91% humidity 

Good day yesterday, sunny, high low nineties.

Today is one of my favorite days, a Holiday!  I always enjoy a Holiday more than even a vacation day.  

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk:  27:40 minutes, 8 seconds slower than goal.

-Swim: 23:29 minutes

Today marks 5 years and two months since we moved to this area.  As in any decision with a wide range of alternatives, after five years we feel we made an acceptable decision.  

Also, 5 years ago today (9-2-14), I started my first day in my new job.  I really didn’t have any idea if I would like it or not, I was fortunate I found a job  I enjoy..  

Went to one of the final AAA ball games tomorrow (one more Monday).  They had corndogs and hamburgers.

We went shopping at a Walmart Neighborhood Market and were shocked to find they didn’t have a cashier on duty until 10 a.m. (you were expected  to use the scan aisles).  We were about to just leave the cart and leave the store when a cashier opened an isle for us.

Trying to force costumers to use a scan aisle is certainly not good customer service, especially when there is no notice or anything  

I had gotten to the point I was starting to like Walmart, and then they come up with one of their tricks that they are famous for.  I’ll keep shopping there (probably) although I won’t use the scan aisle. 

Actually Sams (a Walmart owner “warehouse store”) has a similar device called a “scan and go” that you can use to avoid he  check out lines.  It actually works very well and we use it occasionally.   

I really thought Walmart/Sams were coming up with some innovative consumer oriented programs (free pickup of internet ordered items, low cost delivery etc.), plastic bag  recycling etc.  

Continuing the battle with the skunk, at least trying to keep it away from our property.  I learned that orange peels are one of the most effective skunk repellents.  I guess I am going to have to eat more orange!  

Coyote and dog urine also keep skunks away since they are natural predators.  I think I will buy that if I decide to use that!

That’s it for now, Monday, September 2, 2019

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