2019 Summer September 4 Wednesday

74 degrees this morning, 83% humidity

Excellent day yesterday, up to about 94 degrees.  

Took the car in for the body repairs yesterday.  As usually happens, there are some glitches, in this case Hertz car rental lost my reservation and then couldn’t find a car. 

This, along with long delays, demeaning talk and sighs of “we’re busy” as an excuse for super poor service.  

This was a “Neighborhood Hertz”, which certainly wasn’t very neighborly.  

I really don’t see how they stay in business, but it is probably because so many of their customers are one-time  customers (unlike the Airport Hertz locations).  People needing a car rental for a car in the shop etc. are infrequent renters so they can get by with super poor service.  

Fortunately I called our insurance company and they made a reservation for the Enterprise Car Rental literally right next door to the collision center.  

The rental is not a car I would buy, but then I’m not buying it, thank goodness.  Hopefully our car won’t take long to repair for a number of reasons!

Checking on possible alternatives to our normal “vacations”.  As normal, it is fun to plan.  

I did find that the normal “Travel Agency” is apparently only interested is trying to provide the airline ticket and hotel.  I can do that, I was looking for local tours etc. that you normally miss etc.  

This is where the Internet is both good and bad.  The Internet web sites can either help you cut through the hype, or increase the hype!  Actually I enjoy doing it, I just thought it would be good to get a professional perspective, but I assume they have to orient more to businesses anymore.

The fight with the skunk is escalating.  It wasn’t impressed with the “skunk repellent,  The ammonia treatment may have had some effect.

I learned that orange peels (or citrus peels) can have a scent the skunks and wild animals don’t like, so I threw out some orange peels.  We’ll see how that works.  

Skunks are supposed to be shy, but I don’t want to test it. I go out through the garage door hoping he noise will scare it away (without making it spray of course).  

Listening to the Great Course on biology.  It is relatively interesting, I’m not sure if I’m understand a lot of what I hear, but I am learning more than I knew before I started, which is my intent!

Recently learned that Google was changing a procedure so that for our Echo’s to work with our Nest products, we will need change the process.  Sigh!  

After Google just dropped Google+, I kind of lost my faith in anything Google.  

Also, recently I used Google to search for something and a bunch of “sales” sites came up.  I went to “duckduckgo”(an alternative to the Google Search Engine)  and came up with basically what I was looking for. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 4, 2019.  

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