2019 Summer September 5 2019

74 degrees this morning, 79% humidity 

Good day yesterday, high of around 92 degrees, but not a moist heat.  Out on field day and it was ver comfortable. 

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  28:36 minutes, 16:29 pace, 1.73 mils, 94 bpm


First day of rental car on a field day.  I can live with it, put it that way.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of how good we normally have it!  Not just cars, but anything.

Finally got my bicycle into the bicycle shop.  Supposed to have it back by Saturday.  I actually have a perfectly good second bike given to me, but it is nice to have my main bike also!

I won’t go into detail, but I am reminded frequently of the outright lies of businesses/organizations etc. that say “tell us how we can improve”.  I have found that most of them either:

-Are just trying to get your contact information for free and probably won’t even respond to your complaints, if any and/or

-Are just sending out surveys because it is “the thing to do” and they don’t really care what you say, and/or

-Really only want “10’s” (or other top rating).  In a way, I think this is the worse because they are true hypocrites.  They are looking to blame someone rather than really want to correct any problems.  

Unfortunately, the last one is probably the most prevalent.  I heard of one company that said “anything less than a 10 they treated as a 0” which makes the entire process worthless.  

Bureaucracy isn’t just In government, it is in all organizations! 

Of course, the worst kind of “customer service survey” is the one that asks you, even pleads with you to tell of any problems, and then punishes you for daring to complain!

That actually happened to me years ago,  I was new to the organization and happily responded to a survey with the truth.  I quickly found out they didn’t want the truth, they just wanted a perfect satisfaction rating!  I quickly avoided any customer service surveys.

What is so bad is that a good survey can point out both weaknesses and strengths, and it isn’t fair to the truly outstanding person or persons who should be rewarded for outstanding performance but instead are hidden by all of the false positives.  

For me, due to a recent incident, I have decided I will not respond to any pleads to “tell us if you have any problems” or  rate our performance etc., unless I can do it anonymously or there is no way they can really retaliate against me!  

Or, in the rare case where they really want to know of problems so they honestly be aware of them, I will  respond. 

That’s it for today, Thursday, September 5, 2019.  

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