2019 Summer September 7 Saturday

76 Degrees  this morning, 72% humidity 

Excellent day yesterday, warm but not overly hot, high of around 93 degrees. 

Walk 28:03 minutes, Pace was 13 seconds slower than goal.

Years ago, someone wrote that if you didn’t have a Cable Modem available  in your area, move to where cable modem is available.  This was in the days when if it took you a minute to get a slow connection it was good!  

The rental  car  has Apple CarPlay installed. It is very simple, hook it up and play anything on your phone.


Apple CarPlay for the car is wonderful! I thought of the cable modem quote after I realized how wonderful it was!   Not worth buying another car to get one, but I would like to buy an aftermarket one until we get another car.  It is a truly wonderful device.  

September is a week old already!  As I mentioned before, this week sped by.  As always, glad the weekend is here.  I enjoy my job, but it is good to have a break also.

I have found it is a lot easier to work a lot of hours and have a flexible work week than it is to work 40 hours and have to work specific hours!  Even though I have a lot of flexibility as to what I do, when I have lunch etc., it is still hard for me to get used to the idea that I can only work a limited number of hours (40) to get the job done.  

Listening to the “Great Course” on Biology on my walk.  I’m not sure how much I am learning but I am learning something.  

We were talking yesterday about how hard it is to learn something (like a computer program) in the abstract, I have to actually do it to learn it well. I think since I can’t actually “do” biology, it is difficult to learn it.  I have noted when I can picture a concept I am more likely to understand it and remember it.

I am glad there are people who understand it a lot better than I do.  I think that is like sports, if everyone was really good at sports there wouldn’t be any crowd to enjoy the game!  

We normally have our “trash pickup day” on Friday.  Due to the Memorial Day holiday, the trash pickup was moved to Saturday.  We noticed at probably over 90% of the people put out their trash on Friday, since it is a routine. 

With the power of crowds, even though I knew the trash pickup wasn’t Friday, I had to double check to make sure I was right.  

It was especially important since  this is “recycling  day”, which is once every two weeks rather than weekly  

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 7, 2019.

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