2019 Summer September 8 Sunday

79 degrees this morning, 61% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday, high of 98 degrees.  Sunny, no clouds.  

Exercise yesterday 

Bicycle (outside):  24:08 minutes, no real goal set yet on average speed or distance.

We picked up my “main bicycle” yesterday.  I also got some lights etc. to give me more flexibility in when I ride.  I now have enough lights for both bikes.

Yesterday I also happened to see some lights that I can clip on my clothes and bike ad I will get those.  I don’t think I can be too flashy when I ride my bike, whether it is day or night!

Several bicyclists have been killed in this area in the past several months, one a hit and road (commemorated by a “ghost bicycle” at the site) and the other hit by a Police Officer.  

Since we are unlikely to be attending the CMA fest anymore since the organizers seem to want only young persons who like to party to attend, it will give me the chance to ride on a five day bike ride that is held yearly in the state.  It usually conflicted with the CMA Fest.  

I will need to somewhat train for it.  Most of the riders camp out and I really don’t have any intention to camp out, at least every night.  I will try to reserve hotel rooms along the way! 

I may go on some shorter rides first, just so I can get used to riding around other bicycles.  

That is all in the future, and I will just need to see what develops.  I will to start some training (in a vague sense of the word) for it and just see what happens.

The battle with the skunk is intensifying.  Monday I will  plan to call the City and see about getting a trap.  It is starting affect my walk in the morning when I have to worry about a skunk hanging around the house.  

So far, the ammonia seems to have had a little impact, but not enough to really make it stay away.  I’ll try some mothballs and some other tactics also.

The skunk is actually rather pretty until you realize it is a skunk.

Preparing for a Fall vacation, a short one, that we will take instead of attend the Conference I have attended for years.

I don’t really believe in “bucket lists” of planned experiences  (for me anyway), I think I would start to obsess about it and it would become work.  We are planing on having some different experiences and will enjoy them even if they don’t go as anticipated!

Hopefully it won’t be like Herz where they lost my reservation and then tried to blame someone in the “back office”.  I haven’t gotten a survey from them yet and I don’t expect one!

I got an e-mail from Walmart asking how they had handled my complaint (about them not having staffed cashier aisles before 10 a.m., or at least not waning about it.  I had to advise them they hadn’t responded!  I’ll see what happens.

That’s it for today, Sunday, September 8, 2019.

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