2019 Summer September 9 Monday

y80 degrees this morning, 58% Humidity

Wonderful day yesterday, high of 95 degrees or so.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  34.07 minutes, pace 6 seconds faster than goal Swim 21:06 minutes Bicycle (outdoors) 25:09 minutes,

Two examples of using the “feedback” e-mails of businesses.  Actually I responded before without a response.  

One was Sams.  For some reason (will, I am sure it is because of $) Sams has quit carrying many “national brands” and only has their “house brand” of an item.  

In many cases, the “house brand” is as good or better than the national brand.   However, in some cases it isn’t and in that case we want a choice. 

Also, over the last two weeks they have arbitrarily moved items around.  Many  of them were simply switching an item from one side go the aisle to another (for whatever reason).  Some was more extensive, meaning took a lot of time and walking to find what we wanted since we didn’t know where  many of the items are.  

Also, they will carry an item we like, and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, quit carrying it and then start it again months later.  

Anyway, when I complain about all of the I never get a response at all.  

Ditto with Torrid Tacos.  We actually like to eat breakfast there, and they have coffee that is in a thermal  “hot pot”.  I can guarantee them that the “hot pots”  or thermal jugs or whatever you call them don’t keep the coffee hot.  (Many restaurants have this same delusion that a thermal hot pot keeps the coffee hot and fresh-it doesn’t.)

My experiences there have included not having any coffee at all because the cashier makes it (and then they didn’t know how to reimburse me for never having gotten a cup of coffee) to cold stale coffee that was undrinkable.  

This morning I asked the cashier if the coffee was fresh and she said “well she made it 2 and 1/2 hours ago” and didn’t offer to make any fresh.  Obviously I didn’t buy any coffee.

Anyway, I have complained several times on the “feedback” e-mail and never got a response.  

I’m not sure what this says, I can always go somewhere else!  I feel that the fact I let them know of major concerns (I also advise of positives) means I care about going to the business and would like to see improvements.  

It is odd they don’t respond with at least a “then use another business” response or the old “thank you, we’ll consider your comments” response!

That’s it for now, Monday, September 9, 2019.  

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