2019 Summer September 10 Tuesday

79 degrees this morning, 64% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday, high of around 93 degrees.  I know the heat will eventually turn to cold, but I enjoy it while it’s here. 

Exercise yesterday: 

Walk 27:51 minutes, pace 10 seconds slower than goal.

Swim:  21;36 minutes

Reading the book “Deep Work” that I listened to while I walked.  There is a significant difference between listening to a book versus reading book, at least a non-fiction book.

Probably one of the differences is that listening to a book while driving or walking etc. truly is “multitasking”.  There is a small quibble with this in that  “thinking” while I am driving or walking is also important.  Sometimes “thinking” is important also, without any distractions like a book.  

I think I’ve mentioned that I used to go our walking or bike riding and could literally “think out” a memo or latter and simply write it out when I got back.  I think I listened to music then or maybe nothing.  

I can walk or bike outside and not listen to anything (although I normally do when I walk) and enjoy it.  However, I can’t stand hardly anytime without a book, video or move when I walk or bike inside!  In fact I go nuts in a short time.

I was thinking I could start trying “deep work” now and start to develop a plan for after I retire.  While I plan to enjoy leisure time, I also plan to invest some time in “deep work” on what I will do and what I plan to do.

One thing I do intent to do is commit more time to exercise after I retire, especially Fitness type of items.  

Tomorrow is the big day for the iPhones.  While I traditionally wait until November to buy a new iPhone, I will probably order one almost as soon as I can, depending somewhat on how my phone keeps working.

I alway try to wait and let the bugs shake out of something new, but this should be a fairly proven model.  

I think the idea of medical features of the Apple Watch and the iPhone will lead to some substantial advances in medical care, or at least the information on our health and maybe what we can do to better maintain our health  

I have’t heard about the possible MacBook Air upgrade, although I really doubt if there will be an upgrade to the MacBook Air after the “refresh” in early July. 

Anyway, I know I will be checking all the alternatives of the iPhone for the next several weeks! 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 10, 2019.  

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