2019 Summer September 11 Wednesday

78 degrees this morning, 67% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday, a little breezy.  About to ride the bicycle but I don’t want to fight the wind.   It is a fact of life, but I want to kind of work my way into it and I didnn’t want to battle a 20 mph wind at this point!

Exercise yesterday:

Walk: 27:45 minutes, pace was 2 seconds faster than my goal

Swim:  20:38  minutes

Today will always be a day of reflection, as we think of the despicable attack on the twin towers.  Just like the Oklahoma City bombing, I can still remember exactly where I was at the moment, or rather moments since the true impact of what was happening hit when the second plane crashed into the second tower.  

Haven’t really had a chance to review the new iPhones and iPads etc.  Can’t order right now anyway, so I have plenty of time.  

While my six year old iPads work fine for what I use them for, I am casting my eyes at the iPad introduced at the Apple event.  It is reasonably priced and provides a huge advancement in what I an use the iPad for.  Of course it is always the “and up” which increases the price on Apple products.  

I saw some of the features of the new iPad and was impressed, I especially like the idea of the Apple Pencil, even though it is only the first generation.  

I was thinking of ordering one of the iPhone “Pro” phones, but now am thinking of what they are  calling the iPhone 11, which has about all I need and will allow me to be upgrade with the 5G models etc. come out without feeling too guilty!

I don’t have an urge to upgrade my Apple Watch, I don’t need the “always on” feature, although I would like it.  I really like my current watch.  

My current watch is the 3rd generation.  I actually purchased the 2nd generation, but got a 3rd generation with the face came off my watch and they were only making the 3rd generation.  

I am really glad I have the 3rd generation Apple watch, it has been good to several times with the direct talk/message and the independent GPS. What would make both of us bite on a new watch is significant health management advances.  

If there is an upgrade to the MacBook Air, it wasn’t announced, but I think that would be later on this fall.  

I FINALLY am getting my Amazon Echo for the car.  I requested it as soon as they started accepting requests.  I belong to the Echo Facebook Group and some people got it as soon as they applied, others, like me, didn’t get it for months.  

I thought about telling them I’d subscribe to Amazon Music if I got the car Echo, but now I don’t have too!

I should be getting it now and then I have to wait until the Camry is out of the shop before I an install it.  With my complete lack of mechanical ability, it may take me a while to get it installed, but I’ll eventually figure it out!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 11, 2019. 

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