2019 Summer September 12 Thursday

79 degrees this morning, 66% humidity 

Another excellent day yesterday, high of approximately 92 degrees. Field day, but the heat wasn’t really that bad.  

An early meeting yesterday meant I didn’t exercise, and I have another meeting today. Never hurts to take a short break anyway, as long as it doesn’t become permanent.  My meeting today isn’t early, but I”m not used to long meetings anymore!  

Learning more about the new iPhone release etc.  I am always amazed at the number of “reviewers” who seem to like nothing better than to trash Apple products.  Not that they are perfect.  They seem to sell well in spite of the “anti-Apple” reviews.  

As I have noted before, IF you need a new phone etc. a few hundred dollars is relatively insignificant considering it is an item you carry with you literally all of your waking hours, and depend on for a lot of tasks for normally two years at least.  I want something dependable and not have to think “what if” I had invested a few hundred dollars more in more features.  

Of course the key is what I “need” not necessarily what I want.  Money spent on something I don’t need (or don’t understand how to use) is money wasted.  

My thinking on the skunk that hangs around our house is starting to change.  Maybe I need to look at it as a “protector” that protects us from 2 and 4 legged varmints!  If we could insure that the skunk doesn’t “blow” around our house, it is actually a good “watch skunk”.  

I have read that skunks are shy and are more likely to run.  That is great as long as I don’t accidentally trap a skunk and it reacts as skunks react!  

Probably the concept of a “watch skunk” isn’t one I can really depend on, but if the skunk is going to hang out around us, it is more of a positive concept.  

I do plan on keep putting out “anti skunk” treatments and see what works.  

Got my “Auto Echo” today.  As I mentioned, since the  car we are going to install it in is in the shop, all I can do is look at it and read the instructions!

Actually, I have found that it is very productive for me to read the instructions. Not having any mechanical ability may help in that regard, since I know I can’t do it without reading the instructions!  

Years ago, I learned if I took the time to really read the instructions, normally I could put items together, do minor repairs etc.

For some reason, that never applied to bicycles.  I still can’t change a bicycle tire.  I no longer that the desire to do so, that is what the AAA bike response program is all about!

Once I tried to repair a chain on a bicycle and I think it ended up with me buying another bicycle since the repairs were too expensive.  It might have not quite been that way, but it sure was close.  I really don’t know if the movers messed up the bike or if I did.

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 12, 2019.

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