2019 Summer September 13 Friday

70 degrees this morning, 90% humidity, Thunderstorms.  

Good day yesterday, high of 92 degrees, rain evening. Rain continued through the night on a sporadic basis. 

As usual it rained the first day of the State Fair!  Of course, in a way it is natural since the fairs started at this time for a reason.   

The rain is supposed to continue, although lessening, though the day.

I expect this is the start of the change from Summer to Winter, although normally the first cold rain comes in mid October and takes all the leaves off the trees and I know winter is on the horizon.    

I recently read an article about why more Americans aren’t publicly protesting the white house clown and his coward toadies. (By that I mean marching in the streets, picketing the white house etc.). 

The thesis is that people get a feeling of activism even though we are basically spouting off to similar minded people on social media.  Instead of “hitting the streets” and demanding this clown be removed, or at least the congressional cowards control his illegal actions, we merely sit at home and write a post on Facebook, Twitter or whatever and generally the only people who see it are like minded people.

Instead we should be “hitting the streets”, attending meetings, contacting the congressional cowards at their offices and on their political meetings etc. 

Fall 2019 is coming at 2:50 a.m. Monday, September 23, 2019.   Seems a little later than usual this year.   

We are in the “palindrome week”, every day from 9-10-19 to 9-19-19 is a palindrome.  Don’t know what the means, but it is interesting to a numbers freak.

Perhaps even more interesting, today is Friday the 13th and the full moon  (and the first Friday of the State Fair!)  Probably will get a little crazy tonight!  

As I mentioned previously, I got my “Echo Auto” yesterday.  What is strange is I had a cousin just get his invitation the past few days, almost the same time as I did.

I am a member of the Facebook Echo group (including all Echo’s including the Auto Echo.  The general comments has been very positive to the Auto Echo. Amazon has been very erratic about selecting people to buy the Auto Echo.  Some get it almost as soon as they request it, others like me waited since almost a year ago. 

I have gotten very use to the Echos’ at home and use them all the time.  As they say about cell phones etc, we don’t know how we lived without them!

Watched the Democratic debate last night, I heard references to lead at high levels in children etc. and have heard recently in other stories. Back in 1974, when I first started working for a city, one of the priorities of the program was the elimination of lead based paint in houses and lead in water pipes. 

Like self-driving cars, I thought lead poisoning in children would be completely eliminated by now.

Although the war on lead has obviously not been completely successful, I know a lot of battles have been won.  Obviously more needs to be done.  

That’s it for now, Friday, September 13, 2019.

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