2019 Summer September 14 Saturday

74 degrees this morning, 94% humidity 

Rain early morning, but overall light.  Cloudy most of day, no real additional rain.  Field day yesterday, so I’m glad the rain stayed away.  Field days can be miserable when it is raining.

Rode the bike when I got off work, 24:38 minutes.  Some water and mud on the street.  The bike is working fine.  

Finalizing plans for a Fall Vacation.  We are trying something a little different this time, see how we like it.  As I have mentioned before, we had planned to attend the normal professional conference when I realized it really was maybe time to move on and take a real vacation.  

We are partially using a Travel Agent, part of it we are doing ourselves.  I really enjoy planning a trip, but we thought we’d partially use a Travel Agent for tours , etc.  We’ll see how it works. I figured they may know of any real scams.  

Frankly, we want to do some things while we are still able to.  I hope we will be able to for years, but we didn’t want to reach “a certain age” and find we can’t do some of the things we had planned before.  

As I mentioned, I don’t really believe in “bucket lists” for myself, I’d rather go with the flow, plus I’m sure I would make a competition out of it that may ruin the fun!  There are several places we want to see and we are gradually planning visiting them.  

Dithering about the phone upgrade.  I am going to go to the Apple store to look at them and hold them to decide if the “Pro” is worth the extra money.  Make that worth the extra money to me!  

Oddly enough one of the considerations is the iPhone Pro is available only in “space gray,” not black while the iPhone 11 is available in black.  I really prefer black to space gray.  

I will plan on going to the Apple Store to check the iPhones and also the entry level iPad, which sounds like a great deal for what I need. 

I am also watching for clues if the MacBook Air is going to get an upgrade this Fall.  Probably I will go ahead and order one while mine starts up, the battery is getting very weak.  There is a slight chance, the MacBook Air will be upgraded in October, so I”m going to try to stretch the battery!  

Thank goodness it is the weekend.  The week did seem to speed by, as I am sure the weekend will also.  

For variety of reasons I changed my schedule this week, and I’m not sure it that made it seem to go faster or not.

The Camry should be getting out of the shop soon.  I will be glad to get it back. The rental is actually ok (Apple Radio redeems for a lot of other things!), but nothing better than having the car I am used to driving.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 14, 2019

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