2019 Summer September 15 Sunday

75 degrees this morning, 72% humidity 

Overall good day yesterday, high temperature of 92 degrees.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  28:18 minutes, pace was 20 seconds slower than goal

Swim:  22:06 minutes 

I read today about the possibility of “uploading” your brain to an artificial  “dump” where your brain would be stored forever.  

This won’t  happen  in the near future,  currently the  technology to do this hasn’t been invented.  I think the purpose of the article  was to start a discussion on the ethics, privacy etc. problems with the concept.  Kind of like the issues regarding cloning today. 

I may not have read the article well enough to understand the concept.  I”m not really sure if I would want to have my brain “scanned” and then stored in artificial intelligence.  I still am having a problem with understanding the overall concept and how it will benefit a person to do so when it is possible, 

If I stop the newspapers, that is one aspect of the Wall Street Journal I will miss, their off-beat stories about our society, science and even sports.  

While I could get the “on-line” version, I just don’t read on-line that throughly or remember to read the paper even.  

The newspaper delivery has gotten so bad I need to cancel.  Now it frequently arrives at 9:30 or even 10 a.m.  Shows a real disrespect and lace of caring for their customers, which doesn’t really surprise me considering the “chain” ownership.

Weekend has been nice.  It seems to go so fast.  

Watched for the full moon during my walk yesterday morning.  Didn’t really see it until I got back and saw it hanging in the skies.  Not as overwhelming as a I had expected, but while I was sitting on the patio I saw it.  I’ll watch for it this morning.  

Probably going to the Apple store to look at the iPhones.  Now that I write it though, I’m not sure if the new phones are displayed at the Apple Store yet.  I’ll need to check on that before I do anything!  

Listening to the “Great Course” on biology.  As I have noted before, it is way above my head, but I learn enough to make it worthwhile to keep listening.  It is currently discussing  Mendel  and his genetic experience with snow peas. I am familiar with that, but it is interesting and I always learn something new about it!

It is always interesting to hear about the “breakthroughs” in any field and how the person or persons was able to make the advancement, especially the major advancements that change the paradigms.  

 I’m not sure when this is going be published.  I make the unfortunate decision to trust someone to put in a “google” wifi system that is basically junk and they won’t follow up on the problems. It cuts out a lot and has frequent “buffering” problems.  

Another frustration from poor workmanship from someone who doesn’t care about providing a good product or service.  

I really blame this a lot on business schools and business books who emphasize “selling” and making money as top priorities instead of good service.  

That’s all for now, Sunday, September 15, 2019.

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