2019 Summer September 27 Tuesday

73 degrees this morning, 81% humidity

Good day yesterday, a few clouds, windy, high of 93 degrees

Exercise yesterday, Walk 27:25 minutes, pace 1 second slower than goal 

Got the Camry back yesterday from the body shop, turned in the rental car.  Now there is a period of watching to make sure the work was done right!

As soon as possible, I’ll get started on installing the “Echo Auto” device.  As per my usual procedure, I’ll kind of look at the instructions and think about it for several days before I attempt to install it.  It it works, it should be great.  

Since it will have the same app as the Echos’ in the house, it should integrate the house and car.  

My MacBook Air battery is going less and less.  I am hoping it will last until whenever/if there is an announcement in October.  

I heard the “Macbook”may have a cellular connection, which would be nice, but I really like the MacBook Air and really don’t need anything more powerful.

Probably lost the “credit card game” for the car body work (deductible etc.) since today was the last day of the next period.  This means I will have to pay it the middle of October whereas if I had picked it up tomorrow, I wouldn’t have had to pay it until the middle of November.  Can’t win them all!  

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t get it late in the day.  I normally set all my “big” bills to pay immediately right after the “turn”, so I get about a 60 day “free ride”, although it doesn’t really matter that much anymore, it just is a game.  

Tired of watching  the whining lying coward lunatic spend taxpayer money “campaigning” and spreading his vicious lies and personal attacks.  

I turn the channel or at least mute the tv when I see his whining pig face as he squeals his lies and lying juvenile  attacks on democracy, the news media that tells the truth about his lies and insane behavior etc. 

If people don’t wake up soon, he will destroy the United States, although the enabling congressional cowards who just laugh and kiss his boots at his lies and personal attacks and rip off tax $ for themselves, lobbyists and donors deserve just as much blame.  

I have to admit I never thought the United States citizens would support such a lying criminal clown. A chronic liar and criminal as president!  Makes me sick  

He spends over $3,000,000 going on one “weekend golf trip” (which no one ever sees him play), and charges  tax $ for the food and lodging at his own slum resorts.  Also his side trips to his failure resorts are obviously just attempts to rip off more tax $ for his businesses and promote them.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 17,2019.   

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