2019 Summer September 18 Wednesday

75 degrees this morning, 75% humidity 

Generally excellent day yesterday, high of around 93 degrees 

Exercise yesterday:

Walk (normal morning walk, watch wasn’t shut off at the right time, so no time etc.)

Outdoor bike ride, after work:  24:58 minutes 

My bike riding is still in the basic stages, just riding for enjoyment, no special time or distance goals.  I was pleasantly surprised at how I am getting into “bike riding” shape again.  

Time is still a time problem with my exercise, that is getting my exercise in.  I realize that is a problem many people have.

Electricity went out last night.  It was really strange, no storm or anything, the electricity just suddenly went out, in a way that we knew it wasn’t coming back for a while.  

Of course, we also lost our Internet etc. and it had just gotten dark.  In the end it was off for a little more than 2 hours.  

Probably the strangest feeling was the sudden realization I couldn’t really do anything although fortunately we had plenty of lights around.  I ended up just taking a nap. 

The way the lights came on was strange (actually I was walking past the dishwasher and it was on, so I realized we had electricity and then other devices and motion detector night lights  came on.  

Oddly enough, Aliene had just turned off all the lights so they wouldn’t wake us up if they  came on in the middle of the night and then they lights came on!

Even after taking a much longer nap than usual during the outage, I still slept really well, even waking up at my normal time and then snoozing some more!  The outage seemed to put me in a different frame of mind.

As I have noted numerous times, we are so dependent on electricity and we really don’t realize it until we don’t have it. 

Just as I am surprised we don’t have driverless cars etc, or perhaps individual travel jetpacks, I am surprised we don’t have a better system of electric backup.  

I really think eventually we will come to a “battery” for each house with solar power, but also perhaps a unit that comes around once a month or whatever and charges the battery.  It makes sense to me, much more than the current system.  

That’s it for today, thankful for electricity, Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

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