2019 Summer September 19 Thursday

75 degrees this morning, 84% humidity

Excellent day yesterday, high of around 92% humidity 

Still thinking about the electric outage and the vague feeling of uncertainly it caused.  Makes you want to buy a backup generator, although  I doubt that we will do that.  They do a good job here (it is a City electric utility) of keeping the power going.  

Made the first stab at installing the Auto Echo.  The installation went fine, I had a problem connecting the device.  When that happens, I have learned to back off and not get excited, tomorrow is another day and I’ll figure it out.  We have a weak cellular connection in the garage, I may need to hook it up somewhere with a stronger signal.  

We are having to replace  T-Mobile, it just doesn’t have a strong enough signal in the areas we use it. 

We have been debating going with ATT or Verizon, still haven’t decided.  T-mobile has excellent customer service as opposed to my experience with ATT.  I’m not familiar with Verizon at all.  Both of them have rates that seem designed to confuse, although I expect they try to structure their rates to appeal to as many as possible. 

One area they are misleading is the definition of “unlimited data”.  To me “unlimited data” means “unlimited”.  To the cell phone companies “unlimited” means until you reach a preset limit.  To me that is hardly “unlimited”, it is a package of minutes and they ought to advertise it that way.  

Listening to the “Great Course” on biology, it is getting relatively interesting as they discuss how people (or fruit flies etc.) inherit characteristics.  At times I get lost in the course, but this part I can understand and learn something.  

Somehow the idea of breeding fruit flies and looking if they have red eyes or white eyes is something I wouldn’t have thought of.  I wonder how they  determine if they are male or female? Maybe the background story is more interesting!  

My new (well, relatively new) walking shoes are wonderful.  There is one model of the Brooks shoes that I like better than any other shoe and I am going to stick with that in the future.    

I can feel the “spring” in the shoes as I walk each morning which I like.

Probably ok for me to go swimming now, although I may wait for the weekend just to be safe. I scraped by arm and I don’t like to swim with any type of open wound.  

Hopefully I can lurk in the Apple Store this weekend and look at the iPhones and iPads as well as the MacBook Air.  

Good to have the Camry back.  The rental car was ok, especially the “Apple Play”, but it is good to have a car I  am familiar with. 

Last day of the “palindrome” period of 2019!

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 19, 2019. 




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