2019 Summer September 20 Friday

73 degrees this morning.  80 % humidity 

Nice day yesterday, some clouds in sky. 

Walk yesterday, 28:14 minute, 19 seconds slower than my goal.

Last full workday of the Sumer of 19.  If I remember right Fall arrives around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning, September 23, 2019.

Sitting on the patio yesterday morning, I felt the coldish air (even 74 degrees isn’t that warm when the sun isn’t shining) and I realized my time to sit on the patio for the year is probably ending soon.  

I think each year, I tend to remember that I could sit on the patio longer than I actually did.  

Winter has a few benefits, maybe no snakes and few bugs!  

Other than that, I think it is a good idea to go south for the winter.  I am not a winter person.  

Slowly getting ready to do our first “blanket”  of t-shirts, hats and anything else we can throw in that matches the theme of a city we lived in . 

I have most of them gathered, but I am waiting to make sure I have all of them!  Currently they are mostly tee-shirts but I have one hat, and several sweatshirt. 

At work, I am “covering” for some vacancies, so I suddenly have a lot more work.  I don’t mind at all,, I like being busy.  

I have learned my current area so well I almost never use a map or even have to think about where I am going.  I see the address and I can usually picture the structure and how to get there.

However, the new areas will stretch my comfort level since I’m not used to many of the areas and addresses.

I pride myself on scheduling my stops close together so I waste as little time as possible on travel. Since I’m not as familiar with the addresses , it will be harder to set up stops close together in my head as I do now.

I”m hardly complaining, in fact I consider it some somewhat of a  of a challenge to try to find the shortest and quickest route when I don’t know the area all that well.  This helps me learn! 

Yesterday I spent my Office Day researching the new assignments  and today is my first day in the field on the new areas.  (Actually I will only work them until a new person or persons is hired, but it is a nice break from routine, although I really like my current area.)

Actually they change areas occasionally and I assume I will change to a new area and I don’t like that idea at all, I really like my current area!

Thats’s it for now, Friday, September 20, 2019.  

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