2019 Summer September 21 Saturday

71 degrees this morning, 30% humidity, raining 

Day yesterday varied.  After my walk, kind of a “mist” fell, Cloudy large part of day.

Walk  yesterday 28:23 minutes, 24 seconds slower than my goal.

Rain this morning, supposed to rain throughout the weekend.  I remember when I was in grade school, a teacher mentioned it always rained around the start of Fall.  Ever since, I usually note if it rains around the beginning of Fall or not.  

Listening to the “Great Course’ on biology, I found the part on how species change over time rather interesting.  

Especially interesting and perhaps rather alarming was the information on how germs become resistant to medicine.  He mentions that the reason the Doctors tell you to “finish the antibiotics” even if you are feeling better is that the germs (if that is the right word) that “survive” are more likely to become resistant to the vaccine or medicine used to treat the illness and “survival of the resistant” will lead to future generations of medicine resistant germs.  

Anyway, it makes sense that as time goes on “the strongest survive” and pass on their resistance to antibiotics  and other medicine.  

While the book didn’t say this, it seems that we (human beings) will become vulnerable to new “resistant diseases” since we won’t have any natural resistance to the new disease.  

Plan on looking at the new iPhones and iPads this weekend.  Probably a madhouse at the Apple Store, but I like to look at them at the Apple Store.  There is always a sense of excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm.

To get the veterans discount, I have to order on-line, which is ok with me since it gives me an excuse to think about what I want away from all of the intensity of the Apple Store.

It also allows me to consider the cost impact of sales  tax, extended warranties and larger memory etc!  Actually the sales tax where I live is slightly less than the City where the Apple Store is located so I have a small savings by ordering on-line and delivering here.

I read a story recently about “decisions” and how we have “buyers remorse” almost as soon as we make a purchase no matter what decision we make or how much we have researched a purchase.  

I know one of the hardest decisions to make is to “pull the trigger” on an interest rate for a house.  Make the “wrong decision” and it can cost you a fortune in interest.  Somehow, I don’t think that is fair, you should be able to get the lowest interest rate at the time you sign the loan. 

But, I don’t make the rules, unfortunately!   

I am ready for the weekend, rain or not!

That’s it for now, Saturday, September 21, 2019.

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