2019 Fall September 23 Monday

72 degrees this morning, 90% humidity

Rain yesterday morning, cloudy all day, but no more rain.  High around 86 degrees.

Exercise, stationary bicycle, 29:19 minutes

First day of Fall this morning.  While not a major immediate  change, it is another step on the way to Winter.  A lot will occur before the Summer of 2020.

Somehow, 2020 seems  like a major change, just because it is 2020!   

At least it will be the presidential election, hopefully getting rid fo the traitor lying coward lunatic, who is using tax dollars and all of the federal government to enrich himself and using the federal government illegally to punish who he perceives as his “enemies”.  

What disturbs me is how the congressional cowards and  his coward cronies/appointments enable his criminal activities apparently because they think they are getting something out of his illegal criminal activities, so they go along with it.

I hope they are held accountable for this cowardice in enabling the destructive actions of the lying coward lunatic and his illegal actions.  

Put together an office chair today. While it went together fine, the “instructions” were negligent and were a horrible job of instructions.  Also the “help” line is only open 9 a.m. to 6 p.. on weekdays, showing they have little desire whether you can put it together or not. 

Our holiday decorations of pumpkins have been placed in front of the house.  One thing about this time of year, many of the decorations can honestly last from late September through Thanksgiving.  

Pumpkins are in “style” for Halloween, Fall and Thanksgiving.  I like pumpkins, they lend a splash to color to an otherwise drab part of the year.  Our crepe myrtle’s are still “blooming” which is one reason I like crepe myrtle.

I am gradually using Evernote more, but somehow it still hasn’t’ become the habit it should become.

Actually, I find the Apple Notes are as good as anything, I wish they were expand it just a little.

One problem with a lot of “apps” and machines etc. is, they seem to forget their real reason for being and they try to make it too complicated.

An example is the stationary bike at the fitness center.  I just want a basic, simple stationary bike that is can set at “difficulty” level and exercise.  

Instead it has so many functions, it is almost impossible to use it and it can take ten minutes to get started and has so many functions it doesn’t do anything well!

That’s it for now, Monday, September 23, 2019, the first day of Fall.




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