2019 Fall September 24 Tuesday

74 degrees this morning,  95% humidity

Yesterday had a light mist at times and cloudy, but no real rain  Hightof 86 degrees.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain this morning so didn’t walk.  

 Exercise yesterday: walk 27;35 minutes, pace was 5 seconds slower than my goal.

Firming up plans for our vacation (meaning we are actually making a commitment by paying for what we need to pay for in advance!).  

Listening to the “Great Course” on biology, it has gotten very interesting as the course is detailing “natural selection” and “species”, what determines a species and how a new species develops.  

He mentioned that a species is considered a “species” (regardless of characteristics such as size of beak, etc.) if they can mate and have “children” that include characteristics of both parents.  Probably I didn’t say that scientifically, but I hope I made my point.

He mentioned one episode that was rather interesting.  There was a species of birds that included a range of beaks, from very small beaks to very large beaks.

During a famine and drought, many of the birds died, but most of the survivors were birds with big beaks.  

They found that the reason was that the seeds (that the birds fed on) that survived were “big” seeds that only birds with big beaks could eat, the birds with small and medium beaks couldn’t eat the big seed, so they starved.  

Of course the descendants tended to have large beaks.  

He also mentioned that it is not unusual to for a species to completely change due to environmental changes.

It will be interesting to see how humans and other species change due to climate change. It probably will take a number of generations for the changes to be permanent changes in human beings.

Perhaps humans will become resistant to many of the pollution chemicals etc. as well as the more extremes of heat and cold.  Or maybe not and a whole new species (perhaps self-perpetuating robots) who can resist the environmental hazards while humans retreat to safer areas etc.  

The “personal assistants” (such Echo and Google) are amazingly advanced. I see the privacy concerns being a problem if that isn’t addressed.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

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