2019 Fall September 25 Wednesday

73 degrees this morning, 90% humidity

Heavy rain early morning yesterday, remainder of day was cloudy, but no rain.  High of around 86 degrees.  

Exercise yesterday (no walk due to rain): 

-Outside bike:  24:58 minutes 

Getting back into bike riding shape, same old problem with keeping the tires filled correctly.  The “special” tire valves are very frustrating to say the least.  

Five games left in the regular season for MLB baseball.  Then the playoff’s start.  While the playoffs are fun, I really enjoy the regular season, it has a feeling of what I call “the endless summer”.

The Chicago Cubs, one of four teams we follow, have completely collapsed.  It is hard to imagine what causes that but it is hard to watch them fall apart the last month of the season. 

Years ago, after a particularly hard period, I took a couple of days off and went to the “White Water” water park.  I just sat and read and listened to the waves, napped and occasionally swam.  I always remember it, it was so nice.

I tried it the next year and, for whatever reason, it was not the same.  Crowded, noisy, it probably created more stress.  

Not sure of the reason for the change, it was odd.  May have been the time I went, or whatever.  

I remember I was reading the third book by John Grisham (I believe The Pelican Briefs).  I always thought “The Firm” was his best and most entertaining book, “The Innocent Man” and “A Time to Kill” his best books.

He is such a great writer, but his plots become so trite and then just depressing.  We decided after his last book we probably won’t listen to anymore of his books, the plots, frankly, suck and don’t show much creativity.  

Too bad, since he is a great writer.  Must be like Mark Twain, he got crotchety and his writing shows it. 

I had debated about the wisdom of the US House of Representatives impeaching the lying coward lunatic until last weekend.  I really thought it would be better to convict him and jail him for his criminal activities or get him institutionalized  for his metal illness.

However the congressional cowards are letting him run wild with destructive insane and illegal actions and it is time to impeach him.  He obviously is a traitor, a criminal who is stealing tax $ for his financially troubled hotels etc and is using the federal government to “punish” people, organizations or states  he viewed in his  paranoid mindset as his “enemies”  

I won’t waste time on this, it is time it impeach him and hope several of the GOP senators will get a backbone and convict him.


He is obviously illegally using the federal government powers and his coward toadies to try to steal the election again, so impeachment is the only answer. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday,  

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