2019 Fall September 27 Thursday

73 degrees this morning,85  humidity, raining 

Wonderful day yesterday, high around 96 degrees, probably hot for a  late September day.

I remember in college I worked in Denver in the summer and than  came back to college in Hays, Kansas.  Since I didn’t have a car etc. the humidity was extremely difficult to take for the first month or so, after the Denver weather. 

One of my first experiences with living in caring climates and it took me a while to realize why it seemed so hot!  

Walk yesterday, 27:30 minutes, pace was 2 seconds faster than my goal.  There was lightning to the North, but it kept going North and was never a problem.  

Listened to the “Great Course” on Biology this morning as I walked.  They are still in discussion about Species and how species change over time.  I will need to read the PDF on this so I can understand it better.  

Actually reading a book of fiction I never heard of before by an author I was not familiar with (Jessica Strawser, “Not That I Could Tell”.)  It is interesting so far and my main problem is not having time to read it, so I have been reading about a chapter a day. I’m not sure where I heard about it, but it showed up at the Library for me, so I assumed I ordered it!

Ditto with “Deep Work”, it is interesting to read, I just need to find the time to read it.  I guess I need to develop some “deep work”habits!

Working on developing a speech fro my Toastmaster group.  Not a big deal, just a matter of trying to find the right topic and put it together.  Usually I start well ahead of time, I am not a “wait until the last minute” person.  

Two “office days” in a row, which is highly unusual, but I need to the time to complete the paperwork I have to finish.  

Thinking about “generational music” the other day, how even category music has major changes as it passes through the generations and new genre’s of “music” appear.  

I just  figure each generation is expressing itself different, even if I don’t like it, if hey do, more power to them.  

I was listening to the “Beatles” and I realized their music is truly intergenerational music, one of the few groups whose music is truly  intergenerational.  

I grew up with it, my youngest sister liked it, my daughter liked it and I asked my Granddaughters the other day and they also like it.  

Since the last true Beatles song was probably in the late 60’s or early 70’s that is amazing.   

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 26, 2019.

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