2019 Fall September 29 Sunday

77 degrees this morning, 78% humidity

Excellent day yesterday, high of 87 degrees, windy.

Electricity went out about the time I normally get up this morning and is still out.  (this is about an hour or so later after I normally get up).  

I tried to just sleep, but in some sort of weird sleep pattern, I can fall asleep in literally seconds  anytime but about the 2 hour period after I normally get up.  Not always, but most of the time I can’t sleep for that period.

Decided to get up and write my journal.  When I can post this, I don’t know, since it won’t be until the electricity comes back on, or, if it doesn’t come back on for some time, if we go somewhere.  

Again, it is hard to shake off this feeling that “This Time” the electricity will be off for a long time.  Hopefully not.  

Rather strange that we lived here (in this house) almost 4 years and now the electricity has gone off twice in a relatively short time, but never before. 

We hope this doesn’t become a habit.

Once again, I feel that the electricity distribution is set up on a false premise.  I think they really need to emphases the use of batteries and decentralized electricity distribution.  

I get the feeling of helplessness, somewhat like the feelings of claustropodia I sometimes get.  Not a pleasant feeling. 

Since my battery on this computer is so bad, I expect I will need to recharge it after the electricity  comes bak on.  

Exercise yesterday:

-Walking 27:59 minutes, 6 seconds faster than my goal.  

-Swim, for approximately 20 minutes (forgot my stop watch)

Working on a planned speech for my Toastmasters Club.  I try to avoid spending too much time on it, but I have to spend enough time on it to have a decent speech.  

Windy weather kicks up my allergies, I assume, I can really notice the difference when I exercise. 

Sat on the patio this morning, treasuring each morning I can sit on it and enjoy it, since I know soon it will be too cool to sit outside

Spent the day probably spending more time on planning a short vacation than I should have.  I always enjoy planing trips, even if I just plan enough to realize we aren’t interested.  

Try to balance the cost with the experience, not going so cheap we don’t enjoy it, but not spending excessively either.

Electricity back on.

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 29, 2019.

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