2019 Fall October 1 Tuesday

 78 degrees this morning,  77% humidity

Wonderful day yesterday, high around 96 degrees, probably hot for a  late September day.  Apparently cold weather is coming in, which I am not looking forward too.

Walk:  27:58 minute 15 seconds slower than my  goal.

Read where the Echo Auto is now available without an ”invittion” .  I really wonder how they select the order of “reservations”, since I sent my request as soon as I heard about it and was the last one to receive one before it became available as an item.

I still saved $25 but I hav a feeling they have  substantially improved the Echo Auto.

They need to lose the Vent mount that is really dorky and doesn’t really fit the mode of the rest of the item.  

I am waiting to get seem double sided tape to mount it. I’m not messing around with a vent mount.  

I actually am really puzzled about the vent mount, since it is not really a good way to use the Echo auto.  

I follow a “Facebook Echo” club and a lot of people said they sent their request in and were able to buy it within several weeks, so I don’t know what the deal is.  Odd to say the least, especially since I apparently was one of the last ones to receive it even though I was one of the first ones to request it!

Nothing personal, I’m sure. Of course, if they kept improving it, I may have gotten a better product. 

Planning vacations, which is always a lot of fun for me.  I enjoy the “planning” aspect.  It is always difficult to know if I am getting the best price.

Probably airlines are the worst.  It seems I check on a route, then the next time I check, the price has increased! I have started checking anonymously, not signing in until I have checked it several times.  Of course, the baggage fees etc. are unbelievable, so I try to use an Airline without baggage fees or one where my credit card will pay for at least one bag.  

Saw the Doctor yesterday about what apparently is my “Asthma” and other respiratory problems.  I am trying some new medicine.  While it fares up especially when I exercise, it has become worse the past several weeks.  Hopefully the medicine will help.  

Cold weather also makes it worse, so I am trying to be pro-active about treatment before cold weather gets here.

I can remember coughing after running when I was in high school (and even grade school), so I have always had “exercise induced Asthma, I just didn’t know what to call it.

I read that September 18 is the worst day for asthma and persons with allergies.  Of course, I am sure some allergies are involved, since when I travel to another city in another area my coughing etc. frequently decreases.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

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