2019 Fall October 2 Tuesday

78 degrees this morning, 67% humidity, wind 12 mph

Nice day yesterday, high of 90 degrees or so.  Some clouds.

So far the patio has been wonderful.  With cold weather coming in, I expect the time is getting short for a wonderful part of the day.

Exercise yesterday, walk:  27:30 minutes, pace of 13 seconds faster than my goal.  

October 2, this marks 5 years and 3 months since we moved to this area, 5 years and one month in my current job. 

Probably not a good idea to get too complicated, but I look back and see turning points that lead to our current house etc as well as much of what we like about the area.  There is no way you could “plan,” much of it relates to what appear to be random circumstances.  

October 2 is also Aliene’s birthday, so we will be celebrating her birthday today!

Planning for our vacation is getting close to being finalized.  We have a short one planned for October (replacing the conference I normally attended), which of course is already finalized. 

Planning for our “winter” trip in December is still tentative but we soon finalize it soon.  It is always hard to make a final decision among the many possible tours , etc.

We are working with a tour operator this time for part of the tours , etc., and will see how that works.  We have actually done reasonably well picking our own tours , etc., by using ratings , etc., but we have also found the tour company has resources that provide some access to special tours that we would not have heard of otherwise.  

I understand the iPhones are “back ordered,” although I haven’t heard anything official.  I just figure I’ll get it when I get it.  

I haven’t heard anything more about a new upgrade of the MacBook Air.  I figure I’ll order one when I am reasonably sure their won’t be an upgrade this year.  Currently my battery is lasting maybe an hour, so it is getting bad.  I may well wait now until my traditional month of November for ordering a new MacBook Air.  

In fact since it is October, I expect I will wait until November to buy the new MacBook Air.  It will take me some time to adjust to my new phone!

I am thinking of using the phone for two phone lines, which I can do on the new iPhone, since my work phone is getting up in years also.  It sounds convenient, but I don’t know how it will work in practice! 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 2, 2019. 

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