2019 Fall October 4 Friday

55 degrees this morning, 91% humidity. Fall temperatures are here! 

Yesterday started off nice, than got colder until it go to about 57 degrees.  Supposed to be rain this weekend.  

Exercise yesterday:  27:38 minutes, pace was 10 seconds slower than my goal.  I may pass on exercises today until I get used to the cold.                                   

One thing about colder weather, the bugs and snakes etc. generally disappear for the winter  If you don’t like bugs and snakes, that is one good think about winter.  

At least we can stop watering and mowing the yard.  Seems strange paying all that money to grow the lawn just so you pay all kinds of money controlling it, and than just cut it so it won’t grow!  Not that I don’t do the same thing, but that doesn’t mean I like doing it. 

Cold weather means a lot of things I don’t like.  Having to spend more time dressing to walk in the morning, having to deal with cold weather (or even cool weather) all the time etc.  

While there isn’t much ice and snow around here, it usually is unpleasant and of course no one is used to driving on snow and ice around here.  

The squealing lies of the lying coward lunatic and his continual lies and bizarre behavior, proves he is guilty of it all.  

What amazes me is seeing the newspapers etc. which  defend a chronic liar who steals tax $ for his own personal gain, has basically used the federal government to further his own insane paranoia view of the world and his disgraceful playground behavior.  I am canceling any subscription I have that supports him. 

There is a “free” newspaper here that trashes our yards each week.  I figure if the owner is like that his paper has nothing good in it, if he will support a chronic liar, how can you trust what his paper says?  He obviously thinks lying is acceptable.  

I don’t like to keep discussing the lying coward lunatic and his enabling toadies, but it is a case where you can’t let such a disgraceful juvenile lunatic rant around and not say anything.  

This morning may have been the last early morning on the patio.  It was still nice this morning, but I doubt that it will be that nice much until next Spring/Summer.

I know I need to get used to cold weather again, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it, which I don’t.  

Even 55 degrees will be quite a shock to my system!

That’s it for now, Friday, October 4, 2019

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