2019 Fall October 5 Saturday

 70 degrees this morning, 90% humidity

Cold morning yesterday, I decided to skip walking just because it was cool and I wanted to get used to it.  Now I think I may have caught something and wasn’t feeling well.

Last night I had the “chills” for a brief period which is’t a good sign, put on warm clothes even though it wasn’t that cold.  

I feel a lot better now, but still not 100% and know I won’t try any exercise today.  

I hate being sick because it wastes so much time.  

My Doctor changed my medicine, which may have been a mistake, but I was already coughing more.  Also had a flu shot giving credence to the theory that you get flu from the flue shot.  

Actually, I don’t believe it, although I do question about the whooping cough shot giving you whooping cough!  

We never really know what causes colds etc.  This time of year is also famous for allergies, especially this area.  

Drinking a lot of hot tea, which seems to help.  I grew to respect hot tea when we were in China.  It is hard to believe that that trip was five years ago.

Actually the Chinese, probably for historical reasons, mostly serve English (from England) tea, usually Twings of London.   That is no a misspelling, that is the way it is spelled.  

Anyway, hopefully whatever it is will be short.  Just my luck it happens on a weekend, probably feel great on Monday. ]

The Doctor changed my medicine to one that is made in a “nebulizer”.  So far, I have been very tentative in using it.  In fact other than unloading the box and reading the instructions, I hadn’t done anything with it until last night when I used it hoping it would help.  It apparently did.

As I understand it, the compressor makes an aerosol out of liquid medicine.  I keep checking to see if I need to add water to it.  

Reaching the “trigger” point on our Winter vacation.  We have everything planned, we just need to proceed with making the reservations and paying for it.  I guess when you see the money committed is when you really decide if you want to go or not.  

Purchasing the airline ticket is always the toughest, you feel like you are in some kind of game, where the airline has all of the power.  I do like SWA in that you can change without a penalty although of course you pay the new rate, which hopefully will be substantially cheaper. 

It is kind of like buying a house, they try to get you to commit to an interest rate, even though if it goes down, it could cost you thousands of dollars. 

There has to be a better way.  I don’t know what it is, but there has to be a better way.  It is a case of the individual getting played by huge interests who fix the game.  

There has to be a better way!

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 5, 2019.

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