2019 Fall October 6 Sunday

62 degrees this morning, 74% humidity

Relatively heavy rain, although the weather app says there is a 20% chance of rain!  That is good, since we quit watering and this will water the plants.  We aren’t worried about keeping the grass green but we do like to keep the plants alive.  

Cool day yesterday, high of 89 degrees or so although started at 57 degrees.  

No exercise yesterday, had some kind of (hopefully) short term coughing problem etc.  I’ll take several days off.

Main problem was this is perfect weather for walking and bicycling.  I seemed to be a lot better yesterday, so hopefully will be a lot better.  Coughing etc. isn’t any fun.

Read today Apple is expected to have a “big event” in October concerning it’s computers.  I doubt if they will update the MacBook Air, but I can now hold off upgrading my MacBook Air until after the event.  

Still haven’t received my iPhone, but then their planned shipping time they provided me isn’t even here yet, so I can’t get upset about it not being here yet.  I figure it will come at the worst time possible time (when we are out of town or busy), as usual!

Recently read in a Newsletter that there was a 99% chance (in the author’s opinion) of a major cyberattack in the United States.  Obviously he really has no ideas of what the actually percentage is, but “99%” is almost a sure chance!

I assume any successful cyberattack would result in long outages of electricity, major financial problems (since almost all money is sent electronically, it would lead to massive shortages.  Of course the lying coward lunatic is busy stealing tax $, and using the federal government for his paranoid personal vendetta’s, so they aren’t doing their jobs.  

The Author of the Newsletter also asks the question “is the (my term) lying coward lunatic crazy or is he just acting that way”. 

The Newsletter author says that if the lying coward lunatic is crazy, who knows what may happen as far as the Stock Market goes, since he is too crazy to try to resolve his failure of a “trade war” he started that is destroying the economy.  

However he said if he is just “acting crazy”, he will make sure the trade war fiasco and failure is resolved so he can lie about it being a success for the next election.  

I am so tired of seeing his pig face spewing out  his lies bragging on his illegal actions.

What amazes me is the two Senators from this state continue to kiss his boots and enable his insane and illegal actions. The older one even spews out lies and vitriol just like the lying coward lunatic. I hope they are held accountable for enabling the lying coward lunatic’s illegal actions and his degradation of other persons in such a  juvenile vicious way. 

Hopefully I will be able to start exercising again today, perhaps I will do some inside cycling first.  I want to swim, but don’t want to start coughing while I’m swimming which could be embarrassing.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 6 2019.


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